Do I have to purchase additional extensions?

No. Extensions are entirely optional, but do help to dramatically extend the functionality of your WordPress Autoblog. Analyze the needs of your feeds and/or articles to decide whether or not you need additional functionality.

How to assign values to the Rank Math SEO fields?

In this answer we will see how to integrate the posts created with WPeMatico with the custom meta fields of the SEO plugin that many users have been switching to for some time now, Rank Math SEO. SEO is often the best and most consistent source of traffic for websites, so it is important to … Read more

YouTube Fetcher

This answer refers to the campaign type feature of YouTube Fetcher of the core free WPeMatico plugin. It can be used to fetch and embed as WordPress posts YouTube videos from feeds of publicly made lists, channels or even videos per user. To use YouTube feeds to create posts you must change the campaign type … Read more

7 keys to increase sales for your business products

increase sales

To increase sales, you must start from a solid knowledge of the market, be clear about your value proposition (which is unique and very special), profile and properly segment our target audience and thus take advantage of the different communication channels to increase sales and effectively reach people interested in your product or service

Copyright Infringements FAQs

Regarding this topic, it is worth clarifying: There is nothing illegal about the software. Remember this is very important: The use of WPeMatico to access RSS feeds is subject to the terms and conditions of each RSS feed, therefore, to the terms and conditions of their creators. There are many companies that mention in their policies … Read more