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How to configure an external CRON from cPanel?

WordPress CRON lets you set up automatic tasks, such as updating your site, posting scheduled content, backing up your data, optimizing your database, sending emails, and more. WPeMatico uses WordPress CRON to import content from […]

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7 keys to increase sales for your business products - WPeMatico

7 keys to increase sales for your business products

To increase sales, you must start from a solid knowledge of the market, be clear about your value proposition (which is unique and very special), profile and properly segment our target audience and thus take advantage of the different communication channels to increase sales and effectively reach people interested in your product or service

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RSS ondas - WPeMatico

Just a little upgrade

hello there,
Meanwhile 2.0 version is simmering, was necessary to launch a last 1.XX version with a couple of fixes that solve auto tags and other images issues. Also solves the reader of config files for external domains to extract full content from RSS feeds. Remember this feature are not perfect and not all feeds or sites allow this feature.

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