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WPeMatico Professional extends WPeMatico with a lot of advanced functions and a lot of new features to parse and filter feed items contents, filters for featured, media, enclosure and in-content images, automatic tags generation, inserts custom fields with every post and much more.

Why should you use Professional addon?

WPeMatico Professional extends the functionality of WPeMatico FREE thanks to its many features allowing you to get better results when creating posts.

With these amazing features you can get images, videos and audios from enclosure tags of feed items, filter posts by keywords, cut content, assign values to custom fields and much more!

Default Featured image
You can set the URL of a default Featured image if not found image on content.
Images renamer
Rename all the images uploaded to the website with a mask field where you can type or use the post name.
Filter images by width or height or incorrect content
You can set the min o max width or height to set the Featured image. Also Filter and delete images in posts content just by width or height of every image. Strip images with incorrect content is for some sites with external cache services that replace the images with html codes.
Get audio and video from the enclosures
This feature allows you to get the audio and video files from the feed enclosures and podcasts.
Support extra video and audio file types
This feature allows you to import media files for audio and video with the extensions mp3, ogg, wav, wma, m4a and mp4, m4v, mov, wmv, avi, mpg, ogv, 3gp, 3g2.
Adds support for partial downloads of big video and audio files
This feature allows you to import big media files for audio and video uploading them by ranges of kbytes instead upload the entire size at once.
Tweak the audio and video files
Strip the queries variables in the URLs of audio and video links. Audio and video filenames renamer. Strip audios and videos html tags from the content.

Delete last HTML tag option
Many sites add own custom data on the last html tag. May be <p> or <div> or <span>, anyway, you can take off here.
Strip HTML or source links from content
You can strip all HTML tags or just all links from source domain from content and saves it as pure text.
Delete last portion of the content after a phrase
With this option you could delete all the content after a word or phrase until the end.
Delete a sentence of the content beginning with a word or phrase
With this option you could delete a line from the content that begins by a word or phrase until the end of the sentence.
Words counters filters
Strip the HTML and count how many words or letters are in content and allows assign a category, cut the content or skip the post.
Ramdon rewrites. Replace words as synonyms with your own list of words
Add in the form all comma-separated words, line by line. The words will be searched line by line and, if one word is found, will be replaced for one of its synonyms.
Custom title with/out counter
PRO Version allow change the title of original post and also you can add a counter in the title name to don’t get duplicated titles.
Delete till string and Cut at ‘any’ counted words/letters features for titles
PRO Version allow change the title of original post by deleting partially a title till string to the end and/or by cuting it at ‘any’ counted words/letters from the begining.

Support Custom taxonomies for Custom Post Types
Just activate the Professional plugin and your campaign will show the metaboxes to select the custom taxonomies for the Custom Post Type selected.
Word to Taxonomy for Custom Post Types
This feature will hide the Word to Category metabox from the campaign that is only active for posts and will activate the metaboxe to assign Words to selected custom taxonomies for the Custom Post Type you want.
Automatic assign ‘per feed’ author name
Automatic assigns author names based on source feed or custom typed author.
Assign the author from <author> tags
Get the author names based on every <author> tag from the source feed items in the RSS. If the user does not exists then creates it as a WP user.
AUTO Tags Feature
Generate tags automatically taken from content words. You can filter bad tags and how many tags do you want on every post. (Also you can see our Cats2Tags Add-on, getting 50% discount buying PRO version).
Automatic assign in feed ‘<tag>’ tags to the post
Automatic assigns the tags for the post based on source feed item tags or custom typed tags in the campaign.
Custom fields with dynamic values
Feature Custom fields with dynamic values allow you to add as many fields as you want with the possibility of add values as word templates replaced on the fly when the campaign is running. This allow add custom fields values like permalink, images urls, etc.
Custom Feed Tags for Content or Custom fields
Allows you to add the non-standards RSS tags from your feeds as post template to insert as Content part or Custom Fields values replaced on the fly when the campaign is running. This allow add custom fields values or content like permalink, images urls, etc. from special tags in your feed items.

Keywords filtering. Include filters by source Categories. Regular expressions supported
You can determine if skip or publish the post by certain words in title, content or in the source item categories.
Author filtering. Regular expressions supported
You can determine if skip or publish the post with words in author’s name in the feed item.
Extra filters to check Duplicates with Custom titles
PRO Version allow enable an extra query when fetching to check the titles before insert the new post in database to skip inserting the post if gets duplicated titles.
Supports Multifeeds, paged RSS feeds
WordPress make paged feeds for its websites like /feed?paged=2. Since 1.5 version, the addon Professional allows fetch as many pages as you want from every feed URL.
Import the URL feed list into a campaign
If you have a list of feed that you want to add into a campaign, you can import all of them with a few simple clicks pasting the list as txt format.
Import and export multiple campaigns
This feature allow you to export and download a file from a single or a list of campaigns, then later you can upload and import the campaigns in another or same wordpress with WPeMatico professional version installed.

The Professional addon is fully compatible with the other WPeMatico addons.

Combining its features you can get excellent results, for example:

Using it together with the Full Content addon you can get the content directly from the source site and trim it if you need it, you can also get the images, audios or videos from the enclosure tags of the feed items and even filter by keywords or author, you can also assign the author, tags or custom fields, creating a pretty complete post automatically.

All features are working on almost all servers. Try WPeMatico FREE Version to be sure before buy.

  • PHP 5.6+
  • WordPress.
  • WPeMatico FREE installed and activated.
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