New Addon!! WPeMatico Cache

There are several cache plugins for WordPress but they really have so many options that make your head ache and there is always problems with them. Because of it, we’ve decided to develop an easy plugin, practical and fast, with a good performance and optimized for WpeMatico, so it works extraordinarily with thousands and thousands of posts.

  • We proved a performance till 10 times higher than with other cache plugins.
  • For special cases it can be chosen each post type or individual pages which won’t be included in the cache system.
  • It is optimized for SEO .
  • Not only optimizes the cache in the server, also manages the cache in the browser improving the performance in client-side and server-side.
  • Support HTTP and HTTPS. And also can redirect.
  • Option of two cache types in the site HTML static (Ultra fast) y PHP Files (Accept GET and POST params)
  • And other qualities that you can  I see here.


The requirements to use it are the next ones, and before you get it you need to know if your server support it:

  • WebServer Apache.
  • Módulos Apache:mod_rewrite, mod_mime, mod_deflate.
  • PHP superior o igual a la versión 5.3.
  • WordPress.

Read more about WPeMatico Cache

Take advantage of the release offer. Only $29. for a single website! It will last for a bit!

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