WPeMatico Free core v2.5

Version 2.5 concludes a series of radical changes that we had started since version 2.4 in terms of plugin security. Also following a strict revision to follow the standards of WordPress coding development. Its update is highly recommended but it is also recommended to test it on development servers before moving it to production websites. … Read more

WPeMatico Publish 2 Email

Another excellent plugin which haven’t been saw so much is the addon WPeMatico publish 2 Email. Can you imagine a website taking post from different feeds or websites and sending them as emails to different accounts? WpeMatico publish 2 Email can make this to happen and so much more. It is thinked to take each … Read more

New Addon!! WPeMatico Cache

There are several cache plugins for WordPress but they really have so many options that make your head ache and there is always problems with them. Because of it, we’ve decided to develop an easy plugin, practical and fast, with a good performance and optimized for WpeMatico, so it works extraordinarily with thousands and thousands … Read more

Get and Set Images as Featured with WPeMatico

Updated Aug 2, 2018 Basic instructions for the Free and Pro versions to correctly get images and make featured from the feeds or from source websites with WPeMatico. (This can change for future versions 😉 You can set an image as featured in a WordPress post if it was previously uploaded and attached to the … Read more