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The store was moved to a new webpage:

Go to the site to see details and buy WPeMatico PRO

Why we’re moving ?

Software licensing for automatic updates

One key feature of our new PRO Version plugins is support for automatic updates. Our WordPress plugins are actively developed and we release updates for new features and bugfixes quite often.

Manual updates were always a big hassle for a lot of users and had the result that many websites run on outdated software. We also got many emails with reports for bugs which were already fixed in the latest version of the plugin.

This update “problem” will be solved with our new products. The automatic updates will be provided by using a complete software licensing system on our website, as many other WordPress companies already do. This post will describe all changes.


Licenses for existing customers

We think that automatic updates are really important and do not want to withhold this feature from existing customers. We have therefore decided to migrate all current customers to the new licensing system as well. It means that we have transfered all customers and generated new license keys for all existing purchases.

In the migration process all existing customers were given the highest available offer, which is an update license for 15 websites for every purchased product.

The current customers can access to the new site on -> My Account with same user and password that used on

Of course we know that you have originally purchased the plugin with unlimited websites and lifetime updates. We certainly want to keep that promise. In case you need automatic updates for more than 15 websites or your license has expired, you can simply write us an email to and we will manually extend your license. Since our license system do not know unlimited licenses, it was just technically not possible to create that kind of license keys automatically.


Do I have to use the new license keys?

No, our products will be fully functional without entering a license key. A valid license key is only required to get automatic updates with one click and/or get support. You can always manually update your themes/plugins by downloading the latest version on our website.

The license key is technically needed in the update process to identify you as a current customer, before the update files can be downloaded from our servers and installed on your WordPress website.



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