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WPeMatico Thumbnail Scratcher Add-on allows to get images for your posts from external image banks or image search engines to create an automatic Featured Image.

The Add-on will use the settings and the WPeMatico campaign data using Google Image (Scraping), Google Image (API), Flickr or Pixabay to obtain the image to be published automatically.

How it works

Retrieve first image from Google Images (Scraping or API), Flickr or Pixabay with API keys, based on the post title words and adds a picture as the featured thumbnail when WPeMatico publishes the post.

Alternatively you can choose secondary methods to get an image, then you secure a feature image although the main method fails, taking an image of one of the alternative banks of images.

In Settings you can configure general settings for your automatics images : Image bank, language search, image type, free-to-use or not, image size and much more.

WPeMatico Thumbnail Scratcher - thumbnail scratcher settings

WPeMatico Thumbnail Scratcher - thumbnail scratcher campaign options 2

In each campaign, you can:
  • Activate or not the feature to automatically generate the thumbnail.
  • Choose which image bank you want to search for pictures for the posts generated by this campaign.
  • Select Replace the image of the post or just use the feature if the post has no image.
  • Enable or disable alternative banks.  This feature allows alternative banks to be used to search for images when the first API fails.
  • Select some or all alternative images banks to be used to search by images if the main method fail or return an empty image.

WPeMatico Thumbnail Scratcher Campaign Options

WordPress 2.8 or higher
As WPeMatico Add-on requires WPeMatico core plugin installed and activated.
PHP 5.5 or higher

Works with Professional, Better Excerpts and Full Content add-ons but there are not required.

To use the Google Images API, it’s required to provide your own Google Search engine ID and API Key. You must follow the process here. You must get both valid Search engine ID and API Key.
To use Pixabay, it’s required to provide your own username and api key. You can register in Pixabay website here and get api username/key here


You can either install it automatically from the WordPress admin with Add New Plugin item, or upload it manually:

1. Unzip plugin archive and put the folder into your plugins folder (/wp-content/plugins/).

2. Activate the plugin from the WPeMatico Extensions menu.

**Take in mind:**
Our plans are to continue the support for this plugin always, but as all automated process using external websites or API Keys from third parties services, it may be possible to change its services and stops this plugin to work properly.

We’ve taken code and ideas borrowed from other plugins under GPL as Auto Media Insertion, Magic Post Thumbnail and WPeMatico Boilerplate Addon among others.

See Licenses and prices at

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