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The Office addon adds a new campaign type to WPeMatico to support insert the content of office files as posts. At thist time it supports docx and PDF files, however we plan add support for other files in the future like xlsx or CSV.

Why should you use The Office addon?

With WPeMatico Office Campaign Type you can create posts types from office documents hosted on your site automatically!

Office Campaign Type is an addon developed for use with WPeMatico to publish post from office documents hosted in a folder on the server. This addon will allow you to use office documents to get its contents and images to publish them as posts in your website.

DOCx & PDF files supported

The price at this time is for extracting docx contents and pdf files. We plan to adds stylesheets support in a short period, then the price will be incremented by the new features. However, this payment includes any upgrade we make in the future for the period of the purchased license.

Reads and publishes docx documents as posts
The plugin reads and extracts the content of the new Word files (docx) and the images within them and publishes all that as the content of the post.
Read and embed PDF files in posts content
The PDF files are displayed in a reader within the post content. The plugin reads the file, uploads it and attaches it to the post creating its content to show it embedded in it.
Title from file name or first paragraph
You can configure in each campaign that the title of the posts is taken from the file name or from the first paragraph of the content. In other words, the first line of the document could be the title of the post.
Path where to look for the files
You can set from WPeMatico Settings a default path where the Office files will be stored to be used to publish on your website, or also set an additional path directly in each campaign if the files are inside another folder.
Filters by file extension
Allows you to select for each campaign the extension of the office documents you want to retrieve.
Filters by file names
In each campaign allows you to skip files through keywords that contain or do not contain in the file name.
Convert base64 images
Allows you to convert base64 images and upload them to WordPress as files to save data in the database.
Own duplicate control system
WPeMatico Office Campaign Type prevents the reading and publication of the same file more than once thanks to its own duplication control system. It is therefore advisable in each campaign to deactivate the hash control and activate the extra duplication control function to extract without problems when new files are added.

The Office addon is fully compatible with the other WPeMatico addons.

All features are working on almost all servers. Try WPeMatico FREE Version to be sure before buy.

  • PHP 5.6+
  • WordPress.
  • WPeMatico FREE installed and activated.
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