WPeMatico FREE & PRO versions released

Since version 1.2 there have been several releases of WPeMatico FREE & PRO plugins, testing the automatic updates and many other new features that were added to the free version and the Premium. Notable among these are true functions using CURL optionally for obtaining remote files either for full content or images. Testing several alternative … Read more

Upgrading to 1.2 Version for FREE & PRO

WPeMatico 1.2 FREE & PRO Versions was released yesterday with a big success. Simultaneously was released the sell of PRO version on etruel.com with a new license system to get automatic upgrades for WPeMatico PRO from own server. (for future releases) This was a big move with a mayor release of the plugin to try … Read more

We’re moving!!!

The store was moved to a new webpage: etruel.com Go to the site to see details and buy WPeMatico PRO http://etruel.com/downloads/wpematico-pro/ Why we’re moving ? Software licensing for automatic updates One key feature of our new PRO Version plugins is support for automatic updates. Our WordPress plugins are actively developed and we release updates for … Read more

WPeMatico 1.2 Beta 1 Released!!!

After some time without major advances in the development of new features or bug fixes, comes the first Beta version of the new release 1.2 of WPeMatico. The plugin for WordPress that achieves automatic posts from any feed recognized by the SimplePie library also used on WordPress. This time it changed the way of publication … Read more

Just a little upgrade

hello there,
Meanwhile 2.0 version is simmering, was necessary to launch a last 1.XX version with a couple of fixes that solve auto tags and other images issues. Also solves the reader of config files for external domains to extract full content from RSS feeds. Remember this feature are not perfect and not all feeds or sites allow this feature.