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Attract more followers and generate more visualizations with the power of tags!

With this addon for WPeMatico you can assign tags to your posts (types) automatically from the categories included in the items of the feed.

Most WordPress themes and plugins work with tags to influence the SEO of the webpage. Take advantage of this by converting the categories of the original item into tags.

With free WPeMatico you can add your own tags to the posts (types), a good combination of Cats2Tags and other tags features will expose your brand to reach larger and more specific audiences.

How it works?
Takes the categories of the RSS content while fetching a feed item and converts them to tags before insert the post (types) with WPeMatico plugin.
Works automatically
After activating the addon you don’t need to configure anything else, Cats2Tags works automatically during the campaign execution.
Avoid Categories to Tags conversion
In each campaign you have the option to avoid the conversion of categories to tags, you decide where to run it!
Compatibility with your own tags
WPeMatico allows you to assign your own tags to the posts, you can use them together with Cats2Tags to create a good combination.

NOTE: Works with Free or PRO version of WPeMatico.

 License for unlimited sites.  Yearly renewals to get updates.

See Licenses and prices at

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