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WPeMatico Better Excerpts WordPress plugin. It notably improves the standard WordPress excerpts, allowing to use multiple filters and options to modify their contents with customized configurations.

Why should you use Better Excerpts addon?

Better Excerpts parses the content of the posts and creates an excerpt from it.

Using its many features Better Excerpt allows to create much more customized excerpts automatically and the best thing is that it works under WordPress standards.

It is a WordPress plugin and also a WPeMatico addon.

WPeMatico Better Excerpts works as a simple WordPress plugin or as a WPeMatico Addon to get good and better excerpts on the front end and in the feed contents.

This means that you don’t need the WPeMatico plugin installed and activated to use this plugin, and it can be used standalone to improve the excerpts of posts.

Among other things, you can select to save excerpts as post content from posts published by WPeMatico or use them with all post excerpts on the front-end, in entire site or just on each item of the RSS feed content.

Limits the number of characters in excerpts
Sets the maximum number of characters that excerpts may contain.
Defines end-of-paragraph characters
Allows you to configure which characters indicate end of paragraph to create a more accurate and complete excerpt. Preventing cuts in the middle of a sentence.
Excerpt as Post Content
This function allows you to replace the content of the posts with the generated excerpt.
Strip the HTML tags and shortcodes
Allows you to remove or not all unwanted HTML tags from the content of the excerpt, as well as the [shortcodes].
Strip (or not) all images tags
Allows you to remove all images added in <img> tags from the content before creating the excerpt.
Strip (or not) all <a> tags from the excerpt
Allows you to remove all links added in <a> tags from the content before creating the excerpt. These tags often cause problems when Better Excerpt finds a dot in the link by taking it as the end of a paragraph.

Excerpt Template globally and by campaign
A template can be used to make globally changes to all the excerpts, parsing them by adding extra information, such as “read more” link, text, campaign data, etc. You can use some tags that will be replaced for current value. Each WPeMatico campaign can manage individual excerpt templates.
Parse the content of all posts or only those created by WPeMatico
Allow to parse the content of all posts (types) to show the excerpts on entire site or only those created by WPeMatico saving the excerpt in each inserted post.
Show excerpt instead of post content
You can select on which pages of your website you want to display the excerpt instead of the content of the posts.
Parses the content excerpts only for feeds
Parses the content of all posts (types) to show the excerpts on the items of your RSS feed.
Custom “Read More”
Allows you to customize or strip the text of the “Read more” link at the end of the excerpt.
Customized permalink for “Read More”
Allows you to select where the “Read more” will link, to the source article or to your own article, and also whether it will open in a new tab.

The Better Excerpts addon is fully compatible with the other WPeMatico addons.

Combining its features you can get excellent results, for example:

Using it together with the Professional and Full Content addons you can get content from the source sites, get the images from the OpenGraph protocol or from the enclosure tags of the feed items, use filters by keywords or author, and creating a customized excerpt from it.

All features are working on almost all servers. Try WPeMatico FREE Version to be sure before buy.

  • PHP 5.6+
  • WordPress.
  • mbstring PHP Extension.
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