FAQs at installation

wpematico install - WPeMatico

Installation instructions

  1. After Paypal process and user registration, go to Download Area
  2. Download the last version archive (zip) file.
  3. Go to WordPress Back-End (http://yourdomain/wp-admin) and click on Plugins menu on left.
  4. You must have installed and activated WPeMatico free plugin.
  5. On a screen you’ll see find the Add New button on a top and click it.
  6. Under Install Plugins click on Upload link.
  7. Browse a file you downloaded on a first step and click Install Now.
  8. If your system works properly and you have permissions to write files on server, you’ll see the next messages:
    • Unpacking the package…
    • Installing the plugin…
    • Plugin installed successfully.
  9. If plugin installed successfully, just click on Activate Plugin link.

Frequent Asked Questions

I have this plugin installed and activated. What must I do now ?

OK, now you have in woprdpress admin a new area below posts called WPeMatico.
At settings, setup configuration items.
At Campaigns you must add one, in there add one or few feeds with options you choose. You can use a campaign for grouping feeds for a category or another custom topic that you want.

1. What is or Why appear the message Clear campaign on a campaign in campaign list?

This thing about “Clear campaign” occur when the campaign being executed. First time may be normal but If you get “Clear Campaign” too many times is because there are too many feeds on campaign, too many items per fetch or too many campaigns at same time on cron… Also can be because the feed are wrong or down… If the process has an error like PHP timeout or feed too long or source feed is down… or something like that, the campaign is not cleared and the message “Clear campaign” remain until you click on it as an attention call that something is not going well. Also simplepie library used on plugin for get feeds has an article about this: http://simplepie.org/wiki/faq/i_m_getting_memory_leaks Another clarification note http://simplepie.org/wiki/faq/problematic_feeds

2. The campaign is not getting any {content} from the RSS.

May be the feed field are wrong. Although the check with the plugin, is not giving error, you must check the feed link on a feed reader. (Firefox has one inside).

3. Can the PRO version be used on multiple sites?

If you mean with the licence, yes, don’t have any problem.

4. Use Date of feed post is not working for me?

For source date feature take in mind the conditions:
How it works: To avoid incoherent dates due to lousy setup feeds, WPeMatico will use the feed date only if these conditions are met:

  • The feed item date is not too far in the past (specifically, as much time as the campaign frequency).
  • The fetched feed item date is not in the future.

If you click “Run Now”, following times, then appear that not work, but with cron is working well.

5. “Post title links to source” seems to be not working?

This feature works with Permalink() method of WordPress, change the link of the post to source link, but only if the post was added with WPeMatico. If you aren’t using the function “permalink()” on your template, this feature has no effect for you.

6. “How can import a list of feeds into a campaign at once ?

This feature must be enabled on Settings page and works only on PRO version. See this link for more details: https://www.wpematico.com/import-list-feeds-campaign/

7. Is there a way to export the campaigns so i can upload them to a different site?

As campaigns are a WordPress custom post type you can try exporting all of them from WordPress’s export on tools menú ;)


  1. Before I upadate to Pro, can you tell me how well the attempt to Get Full Content option works? It’s really the main reason I’d by the full version and the word “attempt” in front of it makes me think it doesn’t necessarily work that well.

    One feature you might consider if possible is to have an expiration date on posts and images that are downloaded.  If someone has a large aggregate an older posts aren’t all that necessary, we could have them automatically self-destruct after so much time or after so many more recent feeds were downloaded. 

    1. Hi, well, the word attempt are there because depends of the code of source site that works well with the plugin.  
      If you want to know if works with some site, send me the feeds that you want to try and I’ll test it and I’ll send you the results.

      The posts are added by this plugin to wordpress database as normal posts.  Then you can find some plugin on wordpress repository for delete old posts and you have your feature for free 😉

  2. Is there any way that I can create only an excerpt post to the single page from an incoming feed?  I am authorized to create excerpts with a “see more” permalink but I can’t put full content on the single page.

      1. The problem with editing the theme with excerpt is it cuts out out all of wpematico’s post template supported tags including the original source permalinks.  Is there any editing I can make in the plug-in editor to make all the posts excerpts AND keep the valid tags like permalinks?

  3. i test with so much rss feed but i alwas get whan i sart posting …
    2012-12-14 14:03.02: [WARNING] Invalid argument supplied for foreach()
    2012-12-14 14:03.02: [WARNING] Invalid argument supplied for foreach()

      1. no its the same whan i enter tags
        Campaign fetched in 0 sec. Processed Posts: 0
        it post nothing i test different feed urls …

  4. Very useful plugin, thank you!
    I noticed that posts are correctly imported from rss feed, but tags are not saved from those i put in campaign configuration…

  5. I would like just the title of the fetched news stories to show up.  Similar to Drudgereport.com.  Is this possible?

  6. Hello There, I think this is a very usefull plugin, but today I have moved my hosting and active this plugin again but have eror “could not be parsed. (SimplePie said: cURL error 28: Operation timed out after 10000 milliseconds with 0 bytes received)”  
    Can you help me??

  7. Hi Etruel
    I’m receiving the following messages, what do I need to change in order to make this work. Is the issue on the server the feed is being pulled from? or is it the site the plugin is posting to? Thanks
    [WARNING] file_get_contents() [function.file-get-contents]: URL file-access is disabled in the server configuration
    2013-03-07 13:59.54: [WARNING] file_get_contents(http://www.linkedlocalnetwork.com/blog/2012/12/14/restore-us-to-sanity-the-road-to-recovery/) [function.file-get-contents]: failed to open stream: no suitable wrapper could be found

    1. Hi Fred
      This is something on your server config.
      You must allow_url_fopen on your php config

      allow_url_fopen = On
      needs to be set in php.ini due to this error.

      1. Hi Etruel
        So I need to add that line to the php.ini file of the server that is utilizing wpematico, correct? Thanks for the quick response

  8. Hello, 
    I love this plugins and all it’s options, just what I was looking for! I have 15 campaigns, with one feed each (to set different author and categories per feed). When I run manually everything works fine, but the cronjobs doesnt seem to be working correctly. Right now I have every campaign on Any and send a log e-mail to laura@nieuweaarde.nu. I only get the emails for one campaign. In the administration I can see that some campaigns have been running for many seconds and others have a Next Run date in the past. 
    What is going wrong? I’m thinking about buying the pro version, but I want to make sure everything will work.
    Regards, Laura

    1. Hi Laura. 

      its seems to be that you are having php timeouts.  May be you can reduce qty of post fetched every time or try some settings to reduce time of running campaign

  9. p.s. in some of my log files it says:
    [WARNING] ini_get() expects exactly 1 parameter, 2 given
    What can I do about this warning?

  10. Is there a way to export the campaign feeds so i can upload them to a different site?

    1. Hi Fred.

      As campaigns are a WordPress custom post type you can try exporting all of them from WordPress’s export on tools menú 😉


  11. No question that WPeMatico is a great plugin even though that I am using the free edition. The recent update to 1.1.1 was great and solved new problems that aroused lately.
    On the other hand, I have a problem posting Arabic language feeds as they post as question marks “??????? ????”, would there anyway to solve this problem?
    Suggestion maybe like adding the possibility to ad header tags for language or coding or any other way to make it.
    This would even make it greater.

  12. I keep getting Filtering duplicated posts. but there has not been one post made yet. How can I disable filtering?

    1. I found del hash but I do not think it will be the solution  I want to disable dup filtering all together,

    2. This is because your feed may has an empty link first then take as duplicated post.

      I’ll add the option for allow duplicates in next release

      1. Thank you for the very prompt reply. I will be looking forward to the new release.

  13. Hello,

    I have the following problem:
    WPeMatico 1.1.2 and WPeMatico PRO 1.1 is installed.
    When I add a new campaign and would like to read data from an RSS feed, I get the following error message:

    [WARNING] get_class () expects parameter 1 to be object, string given

    Until recently I was able to add new campaigns without any problems.

    Is there a solution?

    Thank you very much


  14. Suddenly my website is offline! I get this error:
    PHP Fatal error: Undefined class constant ‘TEXTDOMAIN’ in /…/httpdocs/nieuweaarde.nu/wp-content/plugins/wpematico/app/functions.php on line 23

    What to do? I can’t access admin and disabling the plugins in the database didnt work..

  15. I’m interested in buying the pro option simply because I need to filter the feed. I want it to link to backstage castings feed, but to only pull auditions that call for minority actors. So I would you keywords like, Asian or Latina for instance. Is there a way to test this out before purchasing?

    1. Thank you! The screenshot was really helpful. Here is the RSS feed (below).
      Filter words for Must contain (in content):
      Asian, Latina/o, Hispanic, Black/African-American, Ethnic
      This is much appreciated!

  16. (Aprox.) Since the new version I often get 500 errors on my website. After disabling the wpematico plugin everything works fine. I got this problems since a week or two now. Anybody else having problems? I checked my error log and this error keeps coming up;
    PHP Fatal error: Undefined class constant ‘TEXTDOMAIN’ in /xx/httpdocs/nieuweaarde.nu/wp-content/plugins/wpematico/app/functions.php on line 23
    PHP Warning: PHP Startup: Unable to load dynamic library ‘/usr/lib64/php/modules/apc.so’ – /usr/lib64/php/modules/apc.so: cannot open shared object file: No such file or directory in Unknown on line 0

    1. Hi, I don’t know why can be this. (May be a php library don’t loaded ’apc.so’ )
      try deleting plugin FROM FTP (not from WP or you loose your campaigns).
      go to plugins page on your WP and install again
      Activate it
      If you use PRO version follow the Installation instruction on https://www.wpematico.com/faq/

  17. Hi Author, I’m having a problem fetching images (in the post content) from feed. The title of the post is fetched correctly and creates a new post on my site. However, the image posts (with only one image in the content) doesn’t seem to be fetched properly.
    I have checked the media library and found the file wasn’t uploaded either. Only a reference was created.
    I’m using ipage for my hosting. 
    Any suggestions?

    1. Just to add: I’ve tested in localhost scenario and worked fine. Could anyone please suggest what should I do at my web host side? BTW I’m using iPage. Many thanks.

      1. HI, 

        check in php settings on your server: (may be php.ini file)

        allow_url_fopen must be activated


        ; Whether to allow the treatment of URLs (like http:// or ftp://) as files.

        allow_url_fopen = On 

        1. Thanks etruel for your suggestion. I will have a pay around and see what happens. Once again, the plugin is great. Excellent job.

  18. Hi, sorry for being a little buggy may be! I’ve tried what you suggested and it worked great now.
    Just a tinsy problem, I’m not getting the featured/thumbnail image on the front page. Since you mentioed earlier that the wpematico fetched posts are published as Custom Post types, any suggestion on how to get the featured image automatically set?

  19. I have checked all of them. They’re all set correctly. I’ve noticed that the fetched image is downloaded/uploaded in the ‘wp-content/uploads’ directory but doesn’t show up in ‘wp-admin>media>library’ section.

    I’ve played with file permission on the web host side but doesn’t work. Downloaded a plugin named ‘Media tools’ which manually fetches the images and populate the media library section and also adds featured image. But that is only when I manually run the plugin.
    If you know of any solution, please help. I really appreciate your time and support. I’m not a big site owner, so I could only donate some bucks towards your project.

    1. I need to login in your site and see the theme you are using.  

      contact me through form 

  20. Can i do this in the “Post Template” option somehow when setting up the campaign?
    Is there some code I can put in here to make the source link appear in the body of the posts instead on the title?
    I just want to use this to make abstracts and to link to articles of interest. I want the link in the post for this. Anyone know how this can be done?

  21. Hi, got pro version,
    1.How to make wpematico feched only “big image”?? small images like icon will be ignored.
    2. Is it possible for wpematico to feched first paragraph only? (first or two,three paragraph just like autoblogged?
    The reason I asked this,I want wpematico do like this on custom template :
    As you can see I added {excerpt} ? can you do that? and How??

  22. Any particular reason why some of the feed-to-post would be posted twice from the same feed/campaign? (not all of them are duplicating, may be 2 out of 10 feed contents fetched)!

  23. Is there a tag I can use to post videos from an RSS feed in the free version or do I need to upgrade to the PRO?  I’m pulling the {title}, {content}, and source {permalink} already in the custom post field…  Some of the posts have video, however, all I’m getting is a snapshot of the video…. I’d like to have the video included in the posts…  Thanks…

    1. Hi, quasarn01,


      try to activate “skip wordpress filters” first on settings (if you haven’t active) and then on compaign.  


      1. Etruel, in he Free version it doesn’t allow you to activate/deactivate filters in the settings.  And, there is no option on each campaign to activate/deactivate filter…  Maybe I’m missing something then…

          1. Activated on settings and campaigns but still won’t pull in videos from rss feeds, only snapshots…  I’ll look around and see if there is something in the code that might be hindering it…

  24. John, put this in your custom field tags wherever you want the link to the source to be shown…  Instead of {permalink} put this —-> <a target=”_blank” href=”{permalink}”><b>Read the rest of this syndicated article here.</b></a>
    It will put a clickable link there…

  25. I have WpeMatico Free version and I’m having fits trying to set the featured image.  I want my posts to have only the image that comes through the feed and then I want that image to also be the featured image on the slider that I have on the post page (home)…  What I get is far different.  I either can get the original post image in the post with no image in the slider, or, I get the image in the slider and two duplicate images in the same post…  Can’t seem to get the duplicat image to go away no matter how I adjust the settings…  Anybody have any ideas as to how to get this done…?

  26. Hi, I am having an issue with some feeds.  I setup a {permalink} aside from the title hyperlinking out, when you click on the Read the rest of this syndicated article here. it will redirect you to a 404 error for the syndicated site.  It adds a ” to the end of the address, this is causing the issue.  

    This is the code I am using in my Post template ENABLED: 
    <a target=”_blank” href= “{permalink}”><b>Read the rest of this syndicated article here.</b></a></br>{author} 
    Some links are OK others are not. 

  27. Hi, I figured it out, please use this code instead when enabling the post template and looking for a link to the rss feed.  
    <a href=”{permalink}” target=”_blank”>Read the rest of the syndicated article here</a>

  28. Free version works fine.
    Installed PRO with only “Get Full Content ” checked.
    When I run a campaign, instead of finishing in one second, it spins forever saying, “Running Campaign…”
    See screen shot.

    1. Feed content is pretty simple, just because is just text or html code, but Get full content, depends almost all times of source webpage, styles and javascript codes… also can be some hosting configuration (ie: allow get rss but no get_file_content external sites… just another option)

      May be with another settings on campaign works well, try fetching 1 or 2 post every time and set scheduler every 5 minutes (all list on “any(*)” ) 

      And wait to see if is working, if you see new entries on source feed, you must see new posts on your wordpress after a while.

  29. Now that I turned off and uninstalled PRO, regular WPeMatico doesn’t work.
    Did a screenshot which, I remember correctly, the Edit Campaign screen seems to be missing something.  I tried reinstalling it, but it doesn’t help.
    How do I fix it?

    1. these features are activated and deactivated under Settings.

      Try delete wpematico with FTP, go to plugins page, then re-install it

  30. I will post this once again but on this page instead of the other.
    I have to say the lack of support is impacting my decision to purchase.
    When I import a feed, it is getting everything and everything is working except the feed is out of order. The posts are not chronological. I have tested it with the Use Current Date and Use Original Date and neither work.
    As you can see by the log it does pull them in the correct order. It seems to post them backwards. Nor does it use the real post date even though I have that option set.
    I need to pull the feed every day at the least, prefer twice a day.
    Here is the log

    1. Hi Seth

      If you see your feed on firefox you can see that the entries are not order with date.  The plugin get entries in same order that the feed.  

      For test to get date from source, try fetching 2 entries every time and cron every 5 minutes.  

      with manual fetch (run now)  “get date” can work wrong.

      Hope this help.


      1. I have tried as you have suggested and it is still posting backwards and not getting the correct date.
        I did not use a run now.. I set it to fire 5 minutes from the current time. My time settings in WordPress are correct and set properly. 

        The feed looks fine on feedburner. I do have get date set to get the date from the feed.

  31. Hi.
    I am currently testing WPe, and although people above seem to having problems it worked perfectly for me right off the bat. However I do have one major problem that I cannot solve or find any help for anywhere so I would like to take the opportunity to ask here.
    WPe will only fetch one particular feed one time only, it can pull in dozens of posts but it will not work again after that.
    I feel certain this is something to do with WordPress not your plug-in as the trusty old WP-omatic does exactly the same, it will post once only from one feed.
    Do you have any idea what the problem is? I am not a techy so have no idea, and posting anything about autoblogs on the WP.org forum is a waste of time. so I am hoping you can shed some light on this issue.
    I’ll check back later, thanks in advance 🙂

  32. I have alwaiys this error. I cannot use WPEMATICO and i buy the Pro version : 
    Fatal error: Undefined class constant ‘TEXTDOMAIN’ in /homez.501/psgdirec/www/wp-content/plugins/wpematico/app/functions.php on line 23

  33. Hi
    Having an issue with external cron jobs.  Job works, but keeps reporting a permission issue, this is after increasing all the permissions in the app folder.
    What else should I correct?
    Best wishes

  34. get_adjacent_post, next post link, previous post link function break in single.php after creating posts by wpematico. I’m using at wordpress 3.5.2. Please retest it.

  35. Hi there!
    Excellent job! very nice to share.
    I was trying to use WPeMATICO for uploading “featured images” on posts on http://trendenist.com . I need no content but just a picture, but I couldn’t manage to do so.
    If I am loading the post as normal and I use “Add Images to post” and “Use first image in the content as featured” but I don’t get what I expected. I found the following warnings here (sorry it’s in Spanish):
    2013-10-03 18:12.45: [WARNING] get_headers() []: URL file-access is disabled in the server configuration2013-10-03 18:12.45: [WARNING] get_headers() []: This function may only be used against URLs.2013-10-03 18:12.45: [WARNING] Invalid argument supplied for foreach()2013-10-03 18:12.45: Subiendo imágenes:2013-10-03 18:12.45: Subiendo imágen…http://stylelovely.com/stylissim/files/2013/09/look-4.jpg2013-10-03 18:12.45: [WARNING] file_get_contents() []: URL file-access is disabled in the server configuration2013-10-03 18:12.45: [WARNING] file_get_contents(http://stylelovely.com/stylissim/files/2013/09/look-4.jpg) []: failed to open stream: no suitable wrapper could be found
    I tried with the php.ini and the allow_url_fopen = On  but it is still the same error.
    Anyone could help?
    Thanks in advance

    1. Hi Pau

      Are you tryied with template using just {image} ?

      URL file-access is disabled in the server configuration sound like your source don’t allow direct access to images from outer sites

      1. Thank you so much for your quick answer. I just checked with the {image}template but I got the same:
        2013-10-04 07:56.42: [WARNING] get_headers() []: URL file-access is disabled in the server configuration
        2013-10-04 07:56.42: [WARNING] get_headers() []: This function may only be used against URLs.
        2013-10-04 07:56.42: [WARNING] Invalid argument supplied for foreach()

        Additionally, I tried again with the allow_url_fopen = On but no way.

        Thanks in advance

        1. hello,

          I think that the warning you get “URL file-access is disabled in the server configuration” is talking about your rss source server.

          do you try some campaigns on different feeds ?

          1. Hi, I have the same problem with any RSS source, including different sources and channels: wordpress, joomla and feedburner / blogspot. Any idea?

          2. Hi Paul,

            As I say before, this depend of remote server files protection.  

            May using Curl but I don’t know if can work. And for this you must edit plugin files.

  36. Hi Etruel
         Sorry For this type of English Language.My English Language is not well…   
         First of all am very thankfull to you for this plugin but there is a problem of fetching rss feeds 
        I have a 95 Campaign so if i activate the all campaign scheduling so this plugin not working properly but when i run campaign manually then RUNNING CAMPAIGN Message display for long time and finally i can refresh the page to stop this message.
     So the problem is manually or automatic campaign running can’t fetch feeds when campaign is around 90..? 
    Please Help Me!!

  37. Hello, I will suggest that in future developments or update, make it possible so one can duplicate a campaign . when one duplicate a campaign , all need doing is just to  change few things and everything is done. As it is  now ,with each campaign, you have to copy template , etc over and over.I believe this addition will be easy to do
    Great plugin

    1. Hi Tony 

      this feature are available since first version of plugin.

      In campaign list you can mouseover over campaign name and will see “Copy” option 😉


  38. Hi, I’m fetching a feed from Facebook but it isn’t displaying the images.  In Settings I’ve selected Cache Images, Attach Images to Post and Enable Featured Image.  It attempts to add the image to the Media Library but when I attempt to view it I get a message like this:

    The image “http://porty.org.uk/wordpress/wp-content/uploads/2013/11/541457_10151855751693705_1747794757_s.jpg” cannot be displayed, because it contains errors.

    Any idea how to fix this?

  39. hey.. im trying to run the cronjob from my cpanel, and im getting this error… plz help
    <br /><b>Warning</b>:  require_once(/wp-load.php) [<a href=’function.require-once’>function.require-once</a>]: failed to open stream: No such file or directory in <b>/home/user/public_html/domain.com/wp-content/plugins/wpematico/app/wpe-cron.php</b> on line <b>10</b><br /><br /><b>Fatal error</b>:  require_once() [<a href=’function.require’>function.require</a>]: Failed opening required ‘/wp-load.php’ (include_path=’.:/usr/lib/php:/usr/local/lib/php’) in <b>/home/user/public_html/domain.com/wp-content/plugins/wpematico/app/wpe-cron.php</b> on line <b>10</b><br />
    Reply soon

    1. /home/user/public_html/domain.com/wp-content/plugins/wpematico/app/wpe-cron.php

      I think that is something about your server path

      are the above path correct ?  


    2. Hello,
      As etruel said, this is about your server path, to could solve this by adding parts of the path to the file wpe-cron.php, on the code, line 19 ensure using the full server path like:
      /home/user/public_html/domain.com/wp-content/wp-load.php or change it according to your server path.

  40. Great plugin. I just upgraded to PRO – even better!.
    One issue I have is that some of the titles I’m pulling contain html, eg “Experts claim <b>bitcoins</b> are…”
    It it possible to strip out HTML from titles, or can I request it as a feature.

  41. Hey, Great plugin, works perfectly. I have one problem tho:
    We have acquired a theme that incorporates a “Breaking news” section which is a marquee showing titles of posts, which i use wpematico to populate with posts from an rss feed.
    For some reason, all posts get loaded and are displaying in the normal categories. The marquee tho, requires me to open the new rss post, click “update” (without changing anything) and only then the new post appears in the marquee.
    I think it’s because how the plugin saves the new posts. Is that a possibility that they don’t get registered properly?

    1. Hi Shay

      this sound like your theme uses a filter for posts but only when use button to save… and in this case must be executed when insert a post in any way

      You can contact the theme’s developer or, if you wish, I can take a look and give you a budget to solve this.  Contact to my email etruel [at] gmail [dot] com

      Best Regards

  42. Does your pro version allows imports from yahoo answers Q&A.  I know you have to add an API key but other than that have you done any testing for this specific import. 

  43. Does your pro version allows imports from yahoo answers Q&A.  I know you have to add an API key but other than that have you done any testing.

    1. If you want I can make some test for get it works developping a little extra module.  If you are interested please contact me to my email.

  44. Hello,  I have been using your plugin for a while now, but today
    I have noticed that all my campaigns have been reset to inactive and the post count at zero, I have  opened one of the campaigns and notice that everything is empty, i have tried to add the feeds back and also the settings etc, but when I click the publish or update button, nothing is beeing saved.
    the feed is ok as I have had to use the wp-o-matic plugin but this plugin is just not as good as yours.   I have the latest version from your plugin 1.1.8 and also the latest word press  3.8.1
    Any ideas, thanks

  45. Hi there,
    i’ve read all the comments, but none of them refers to a solution with 
    embed videos.
    in such case, a tab of [embedded content] appears.
    i’ve activated the option of disabling the filters and i’ve also tried to allow elements such as iframe,  emded, object in html Fix.
    Any ideas ?

    1. Hi andreas, yes I support the plugin. Please email me with an example of your embedded content and your feed with videos used in campaign just for test purposes.

  46. I can not install the pro version,  I do everything according to the instructions

    1. hello
      Have you both wpematico free and pro activated ?

      can you give me more details what you get when you installed the plugin ?

  47. Я не могу установить про версию, я делаю все в соответствии с инструкциями

  48. Dear etruel,
    on some campaigns i want to use or assign my own featured images, how is that possible? for example if a campaign feed is about USA i want to assign USA flag for all of that campaign feeds.

  49. It was a great job adding UTF-8 to the latest version. But needs a little midifications, the post itself worked fine, the title did not.
    1- So you need to add UTF-8 to the title as well.
    2- Add RTL to the right to left languages like Arabic in the post content and title.

  50. Hi, i have troubles with the pro version. IN your install info says have to be same version, and they are not.
    And says this:
    No se ha podido descomprimir el paquete. PCLZIP_ERR_BAD_FORMAT (-10) : Unable to find End of Central Dir Record signature
    Volver a la página de plugins
    Can you help me? is urgent, thanks

  51. Hi, I have instaled the plugin and I have only one campaign. I want that it updates automaticaly every 5-10 minutes. I configure the Chronogram but it doesn work. How can I do it? Thanks.

    1. You need a cron job set for wpe-cron.php, try something like:

    2. You need to setup cron job for the file wpe-cron.php, use something similar to:


      1. I have this there, what I have to change?

        ‘wpematico’, ‘orderby’ => ‘ID’, ‘order’ => ‘ASC’, ‘numberposts’ => -1 );
        $campaigns = get_posts( $args );
        foreach( $campaigns as $post ) {
        $campaign = WPeMatico :: get_campaign( $post->ID );
        $activated = $campaign[‘activated’];
        $cronnextrun = $campaign[‘cronnextrun’];
        if ( !$activated )
        if ( $cronnextrun post_title.’ ‘;
        WPeMatico :: wpematico_dojob( $post->ID );
        echo ” Success !”;

        1. Hi,
          You don’t need to change anything. If your WP cron don’t work, just call the file that @Solutions says, with a system cron.

          hope this help.
          If you want assistance, you can contact me to my email. etruel @ gmail . com
          I speak spanish

        1. This does not necessarily need to edit any code, a cron job means, in simple words, calling (or opening) your file automatically from an external service, this would initiate the automation you need to do, but before you set the cron job, you need to set the cron in your wpematico campaign at the right hand and choose 10 under minutes and all others could be (any), do not forget to select activate.

          Then the second step you need to select the cron job service, to make it easier for you, you can use external services like this website (https://www.setcronjob.com), after registration use the link in the cron as http://yourdomain.com/wp-content/plugins/wpematico/app/wpe-cron.php and set the timing to 10 minutes, should work fine.

          Please try and post a reply here if it was OK with you.

          I use this plugin on one of my sites, http://internetdirectmarketing.net which posts on the correct timings automatically.

          Hope this helps you

  52. Hi, I would like to know if the paid version of the plugin, allows you to also extrapolate the text that comes after the ‘read more’

  53. Hi I tried the free version and bought the pro one. However when I activated it gives me this error.

    Strict Standards: call_user_func_array() expects parameter 1 to be a valid callback, non-static method WPeMaticoPRO::init() should not be called statically in /var/www/vhosts/xxxxxxxx.com/wp-includes/plugin.php on line 429

    Fatal error: Class ‘WPeMatico’ not found in /var/www/vhosts/xxxxxxxx.com/wp-content/plugins/wpematico_pro/wpematicopro.php(9) : eval()’d code on line 173

    1. Hi,
      have you followed the above Installation instructions ?
      sounds like you deactivated wpematico free but both plugins must run together

      1. oh ok, let me check.

        Also another question. Can you remove the Powered by WPeMatico text in the pro version?

          1. Thanks! Also, is there any way to hide the plugin to non-admin users?

          2. Currently you can choose just what roles can view the metabox in dashboard. But is a good feature for next version.

  54. Hi, i am new to this plugin.
    Can this plugin fetch images and embed video?
    Is there a way to show excerpt on the homepage?
    Is there a way that the source can be put in the post.Sometimes when i click a title (in a menu)it goes to the source.I dont want that.
    thank you

  55. Me again.Also to fetch posts we need to setup cron jobs, is this correct?Also why does it take 10 posts of each feed?Is there a way to lower this to say like 3 posts per feed.
    Also what is difference between free and pro and what is the cost for pro?
    thank you

    1. Hi John,
      You can manage Cron jobs, qty of fetched posts, and also posts templates and many other things inside every campaign.

      Also you can see diferences between free and pro here: https://www.wpematico.com/wpematico/

      we’ll remain in contact through email for do some tests.

  56. Hello, I am trying the testversion now. It works great. Posttitle is link to the source, that is ok. Is it possible to enable that the source open in new window and disable the “read more” link?
    I think, these features are useful for others to.
    Many thanks in advance and best wishes from bavarian.

  57. I now get this error message logging into my WordPress admin site – what do I need to do?

    Fatal error: Undefined class constant ‘TEXTDOMAIN’ in /nfs/c06/h08/mnt/153860/domains/toahigherlevel.com/html/wp-content/plugins/wpematico/app/functions.php on line 23

    1. Hi,
      try deleting plugin FROM FTP (not from WP or you loose your campaigns).
      later go to plugins page on your WP and install again
      Activate it
      If you use PRO version follow the Installation instruction on https://www.wpematico.com/faq/

  58. When fetching the feed. If the post has images, it always is to the side of the text and not above the text like it is in the feed. How do I get the image to match the feed and place it above the post text?

    1. for do this you can use post template feature (in campaign edit) using {image} tag with html or css.

      1. Thank you for the idea. But it duplicates the content image puts two of the same image in the post. How do I just show one image above post?

  59. Hi
    By buying this plugin, do I want to use it indefinitely to different domain? And it is possible that I do it for free, what a way to get my share?
    Thank you

  60. Hi,
    I bought the PRO version.
    with the free version, the plugin sets correctly the featured image taken as the first image of the post, but with the pro actived, the plugin does not set the featured image anymore.
    If I deactive the pro version, back to work properly.

  61. Hi,
    Can you provide an option so that if the script cannot download ALL the images on the post (rss feed), It skips the post.

    The problem is I have several posts with broken images. The post and image are good although the place where the image is hosted may not be accessabile when Wpematico is trying to get the post/image. What results is a post with a broken image. In such cases wpematico should have a an option .. Something like a checkbox which says “Skip post if any or all images cannot be downloaded”
    Can this be done


    1. Hi Hil, I’m working on new version 2.0 in both plugins.
      This feature will be in PRO version, but I’m delayed a few weeks with development.

  62. I wish for an option to not pull PDF or any binary file if it’s an attachment in a feed


  63. When this plugin is activated, it is moving all my sidebar widgets to the bottom of the posts. I disabled it, and the sidebar widgets came back. I like this plugin, but want my site to display properly. Is there a fix?

  64. FYI – I was having a few problems with the tool setting the Featured Image on some RSS feeds. It turns out some of the feed images (such as http://tctechcrunch2011.files.wordpress.com/2014/02/bitcoin-perfecthue.jpg?w=680) had attributes (?w=) in the URL.

    I did some research and found the campaign_fetch_functions.php file that was responsible for uploading the images. I updated the file from –
    trigger_error(‘‘.__(‘Uploading images.’, WPeMatico :: TEXTDOMAIN ).’‘,E_USER_NOTICE);
    $img_new_url = array();
    foreach($current_item[‘images’] as $imagen_src) {
    trigger_error(__(‘Uploading image…’, WPeMatico :: TEXTDOMAIN ).$imagen_src,E_USER_NOTICE);
    – to –
    trigger_error(‘‘.__(‘Uploading images.’, WPeMatico :: TEXTDOMAIN ).’‘,E_USER_NOTICE);
    $img_new_url = array();
    foreach($current_item[‘images’] as $imagen_src) {
    if (strpos($imagen_src, ‘?’) !== FALSE){
    $imagen_src= substr($imagen_src, 0, strpos($imagen_src, ‘?’));
    trigger_error(__(‘Uploading image…’, WPeMatico :: TEXTDOMAIN ).$imagen_src,E_USER_NOTICE);

    It’s not perfect, but it appears to be working so far.

    Thanks for the app!

  65. would you like to give me more example about the RegEx function in rewrite?

    for expample:
    i want to replace author:*** (*** are variables) with about.

  66. Hello , Good plugin , best of all I’ve had a question , how to configure the images are added to the library wordpres ? I tried but just out images of 1×1 pixels .

    I would also like to buy the pro version , but you will not have a discount promotion out there .

  67. Hi,

    The images from the feeds coming into my site via wpematico are mostly broken.

    Any ideas on what may be going wrong?

  68. i’m new to wordpress and this plugin is just exactly what i have been searching for, but i have three problem
    (1)i cant seem to fetch featured images of the feeds
    (2) i get this {$content}nSource: {$feed_title} below my feed and finally,
    (3) the post doesn’t link to the source page

    please help, i need this to work before i can get the pro version.


  69. Hello,

    Let me start by stating that I’m not techinically savvy. I have two questions to find out if the Pro version could help me or if my lack of technical knowledge is what’s screwing me up.

    1. I have several RSS feeds that have been running on my old (non-wordpress) site for years (with images) but when I input them into the WPeMatico section of my new WordPress site, they no longer post with images. How can I fix this and get featured images to attach to these RSS feeds again, will the Pro version help?

    1. I have tried to set-up all of my RSS feeds to just post an excerpt/snippet and the featured image (linking-out to original source). But my media library seems to be filling up with thousands of images that are not used or seen on my site. How can I fix this and stop the mass downloading of unnecessary images into my media library, will the Pro version help?

    Thank you for your time and consideration.

    Q 🙂

  70. Hi,

    Isn’t it seen as very bad practice by google, copying someone elses content in your own website?

    What can I do so google doesn’t give me bad points? Here my blog: http://www.toocan.be/blog/

    The button links back to the author, the title stays within my site.

    Should I tell google to noindex this pages?

  71. Just upgraded to pro and there is an issue pulling in images and content formatting when the word count is on. If pulling full text, images and proper content formatting come in fine, however when the word limit is applied, images will not come in and the formatting is messed up.

    For example:

    WORD LIMIT OFF – “Marijuana use? Down. Alcohol use? Way down. Cigarettes? Waaay down.

    These numbers comport with findings earlier this year from the National Survey on Drug Use and Health, the government’s other major substance use barometer.”

    WORD LIMIT ON- “Marijuana use? Down. Alcohol use? Way down. Cigarettes? Waaay down.
    These numbers comport with findings earlier this year from the National Survey on Drug Use and Health, the government’s other major substance use barometer.”

    The space between the first and second paragraphs is gone.

    All other settings remained the same. Please advise.

    1. Hi Joseph,
      When you use word count, before the process, all html tags are stripped to allow a correct count. (the content is parsed similar to WordPress excerpts )
      But if you cut the content without strip the html code, all layout is missed or broken. Thats why we must clean content before counting words.
      Hope this help

      1. Ok – thanks. Got another issue. We are running wordpress multisite and two of the subsites, with all settings being equal, are not auto pulling feeds. ANy idea what could cause that?

  72. Hello,
    If I have a website/feed that shows only the titles of its posts, is there any way to publish the whole posts content in my website?
    Also, can I have a link at the end of the post in my website with the original url of the post, and not as a link in the post title?
    I haven’t bought the pro version yet, but I will if it’s needed.
    Btw your plugin is great!

    1. With pro version “may” be possible get whole content in almost all sites. But must be done some tests with feeds. If you can send me the feed url (to my email) I can test it and I’ll tell you.
      A link with source post URL can be added to content with “Post templates” inside campaign editing.
      thanks 😉

  73. I keep getting duplicate posts.

    I autopost from tumblr and there are a lot different post with the same title. I want the different posts to be autoposted to my blog.

    I choose
    >”Deactivate duplicate controls”
    >”Allow duplicates titles”

    Is this correct?
    If it is correct and it still post duplicates what can I do?

    I am using:
    WPeMatico Free Version 1.1.9 R1
    WordPress 4.1

    The problem occurs even in earlier versions of WP.

    1. Hi, I don’t know exactly whats feed are you fetching, but I think that there is nothing to do. Must be something of tumblr.
      If you allow dup. titles, then may be something with tumblr urls, that last hash url are not working as expected.

  74. i have a news aggregator site. you can set the parameters of wpematico to make the post more beautiful to look at and make images justified text close to all of the size I want? Thank you very much!

    1. Hi, you can use campaign post template to add some html tags and give it style with CSS. Also for image sizes.

  75. Hi
    Loving your plugin, bought the Pro version to get the full features available the other day.

    I have one question about importing images. Is it possible somehow to skip images below a certain size (not filesize, but height/width)?

    1. Hi Oliver,
      You don’t have images in feed items.
      If you are using FREE version you must choose another feed with images 😉

      1. Okay. So when i buy the pro version i can use it as shown in my feed ? do you help me to get it work when i buy the pro version ? Oliver

  76. Good afternoon how do I put the link “source” to have reference where you extracted the article?

    1. Hi, Priscilla.
      In post template metabox inside a campaign, you can use something like this:


      You can see other examples in help, click on ‘?’ icon.

  77. Hello, I have a small problem. When RSS are fetched it creates duplicate of posts already fecthed before (but not posted, they are draft). If I then post them this doesn’t happen. But sometimes I come back home in the evening and find a LOT of duplicates of the entire day news. I’ve it set up to make draft from RSS so I can review them before manually posting. It started happening some time ago, when I first installed it wasn’t doing this.

  78. I’d REALLY like the WPeMatico plugin to be invisible to anyone but Admins.

    Any chance you could implement that change?

  79. hello,
    “Post title links to source” stops working?
    I use permalink fonction…
    Any idea ?

    1. I forgot : in fact these fields disappear :
      may you help me with this ?

  80. 2015-03-13 15:47.54: Processing feed http://www.xxxxx.com/rss.php.
    2015-03-13 15:47.54: Found duplicated hash ‘http://www.xxxxx.com/video/409’: 080d1d1683c954ab25a61a3b47abb0fb
    2015-03-13 15:47.54: Filtering duplicated posts.
    2015-03-13 15:47.54: Campaign fetched in 0 sec.

    Nothing posted! I tried but no post.

    1. Hi TGB,
      you already have last item of feed in your posts: note “Found duplicated hash”

      If you delete the post (ex. to fetch again), you also must delete post from trash and “Del hash” on campaign.
      Note option “Del hash” must be activated first from Wpematico settings.

      Hope this help

      1. I’m getting no featured image. Also 🙁

        I checked ” Cache Images.” and “Attach Images to posts.”
        too… Then why?


  81. Hi! i used wpematico on this site http://www.prcup.com/tht to build the page and see if it all worked out well(it did), now we are moving that wordpress site to a new domain, when installed the new plugin (updated version) it wont fetch images from the same feeds i used on the testings site, any idea on what may be happening?

  82. Hello, great plug in!

    My campaign is feeding in the RSS feed and creating posts using a custom post type, not just the standard post type. For some reason, I cannot assign my categories to that post type and its affecting where I can feed the posts on my website.

    Is there a way around this so I can use cateogries on custom post types.


    1. Hello,

      Your plugin seems to be the perfect solution for our clients wishes but for some reason we are having issues feeding images through into the portfolio area specified to display the RSS feed posts. Might this be something you can help resolve?

      Many thanks,


  83. Great plugin thank you. I have the pro version and have some trouble with regex.

    I want to use the global ‘g’ expression modifier – for example:

    /(motor car)|(racing car)/ig

    but WPematico flags it as an error:

    [WARNING] preg_match(): Unknown modifier ‘g’

    1. Because preg_match doesn’t have the g modifier, preg_match_all it’s used for that in PHP

  84. Hello,
    I’m using WPeMatico for a long time and it worked pretty fine. But since a few months there is a problem with adding my Amazon ID to each post.
    For example I am using the following RSS feed in a campaign:
    None of the created posts contain the Amazon-ID. To fix this I am using the plugin “Amazon Affiliate Tag” (which should add my Amazon-ID to every Amazon link) but this plugin doesn’t work for the post title.
    I don’t want to use the additional plugin (because as described it doesn’t work completely) so it would be nice if you could check this problem.

    Thanks in advance.

    Best regards


  85. Hello, today May 16 has been updated WPeMatico and add default labels to all posts where previously not happening. Please check the bug in the new version. thanks

  86. Good day,

    Recently it’s coming up with:

    “set_time_limit() has been disabled for security reasons”

    What causes this to show, of course not posts are created in this case.


    1. This is something about you server php.ini configuration.
      May you can ask about to your hosting contacts.
      Otherwise contact me to my email to try to find an external solution.


  87. Hello and thanks for this fine working plugin! I would buy the pro version if it caches images from facebook. Does it? (free version doesn’t)

    kind regards from germany

    1. Hi merit, can you send to my email some rss to test?
      Then I’ll tell you if is working or if we can found another solution for you.

  88. Hi I love this plugin and it is working great!
    Just wondering.. is it possible to bring across the styles with the post. I have noticed the div element comes across but the class style is stripped.

    1. Hi! Today, in a few hours I’ll upload the new beta version 1.2 that have an option with this feature.

      This beta bersion will be posted to download here as a single post because before need to be tested and I need beta testers 😉


  89. Hi,

    I have the PRO version. It works excellently well in pulling full contents. I’m encountering these problems.
    1. Images are not being displayed even though they are in original website source. This is despite I made sure that all settings are correct
    2. I also discovered that the in some cases, the images are uploaded in the media libraby ( and yet did not show for the actual posts) and in some cases, images are not uploaded on the media library.
    Any suggestion(s) will be appreciated.

  90. can we get your email? I have a lot of issues I’d like to work through with you. I have pro version

  91. The feed import actually works quite well. However, I have problems with the date. I have “activated use feed date”. In the settings is described that the date may not be too far in the past. I have about 1300 news that must be imported, the oldest is from 2004. What should I do to all news importing partly from older data. Is this the correct item ” Mon, 27 July 2015 15:00:00 +0200 “?

  92. WPeMatico 1.2 FREE & PRO Versions was released yesterday with a big success. Simultaneously was released the sell of PRO version on etruel.com with a new license system to get automatic upgrades for WPeMatico PRO from own server. (for future releases)

    Also was launched the BugTracker for our projects on http://etruel.com.ar Anyone can register there and propose a new feature or issue to fix.

    All new features and fixes are on changelog of readme file of plugin. Of course there are many things and ideas and features that are pending, but we keep moving and hearing you about!


  93. Hello Support,

    I have using your plugin but unable to use original source link for feed. Permalink taking me to the wordpress post. When i am enabling the post template it does not reflect any where in my wordpress post.

    Could you please help me out.


  94. Hi:
    Can you install the plugin on my word press blog?
    Or do you know who can I contact to do it for me?

    1. Hi Monica, If you need custom support I can offer you, but this is very simple to install as any wordpress plugin, just few clicks to upload and install. Can’t be used on ‘wordpress.com’

  95. Hello,

    I have you product running on my site but I am running into an issue where I need some a Google Adsense script inserted into every post. When I add th code to the post template, it outputs the code as it is. How can I accomplish this?

  96. Tried your free version, and works well. Two questions:
    (1) No image download in any of my download attempts. I believe I have turned on all the appropriate options for image download. Is this not a supported function for the Free version? If not what will be the reason for no image download? Just an FYI, there are featured images in most of the tested sites.
    (2) Full content versus partial – Is the amount of content to be downloaded configurable in the FREE version, or is this dependent on the content word count? Will the PRO version download a full content all the time….

  97. Hi.My
    Wordfence found the following new issues on “3KANAL.ru – Новости обо всем на свете.”:

    “Critical Problems:

    * File contains suspected malware URL: /home/borbo852/public_html/wp-content/plugins/wpematico_pro/lib/content-extractor/config/standard/todomdp.com.txt”
    what is it?

    1. Hi Boris.
      It is just a text config file for get full content of that domain.

      It is not critical. The file is a txt.
      The config file has inside a test_url pointing to a post in todomdp.com

      Todomdp.com is currently marked by some blacklists as suspicious site, but nobody tell why. I think is because the Ads showed on the site.

      If you want you can delete the file todomp.com.txt, as is not used for you. Anyway will be deleted for future releases of plugin.

  98. hi great plugin, it’s amazing nad I’d like to buy pro version.
    But I ‘ve a problem only with wpematico post: when shared on facebook don’t appear featured image

    any suggest?

    1. Hi Stefano,
      There are too many things that can make to happen this.
      You must attach the images to posts to use featured image but also your theme or plugins that uses to share may not include in your header the appropriate data.

      1. Hi thanks for your reply
        I’m using nextscript to autopost and yoast seo to set default image

        in html source code I have this:

        do you see somethings wrong?

  99. Hi,
    I have a Problem when I set “Enable first image found on content as Featured Image” the first Picture in the Content will be set as Featured Image (thats what I want) ….. but also the same Picture will be set in the Content too. So what must i do that the Image will not be displayed in the Content. It should be only displayed as Featured Image.

    Thanks Arno

    1. Sorry, i forgot to mentioned that i’ve tried the “Post Template” option, but it wiped out all the contents that are being cURL down into the post and replaced with only the source URL.

      Pleasea dvise

  100. Hey man, very strange error.
    I do use WPEmatico Free in a website but it doesn’t pull the complete content of the RSS. As well: it doesn’t pull/post the title….

    Is this common? As i won’t upgrade if this cant be fixed of course

    thx in advance

  101. Hey,
    I have you product running on my site but I am running into an issue where I need some a Google Adsense script inserted into every post. When I add th code to the post template, it outputs the code as it is. How can I accomplish this?

  102. Hi,
    How can I fetch full content from the link on short content?
    Now your product gets picture and short text on RSS but I need to get full content from RSS.

  103. I’m trying to use a feed on your plugin, this feed:http://www.gxxxxxxxxxxxxxt.com/feeds/news/

    and i get an error:
    ERROR: Feed http://www.gxxxxxxxxxxxxxt.com/feeds/news/ could not be parsed. (SimplePie said: A feed could not be found at http://www.gxxxxxxxxxxxxxt.com/feeds/news/. A feed with an invalid mime type may fall victim to this error, or SimplePie was unable to auto-discover it.. Use force_feed() if you are certain this URL is a real feed.)

    Why is this happaning? I have this problem with feeds from very good websites.

  104. you have a fantastic product! i have a single problem, and it is, no matter what i do, i cannot get the feed item date to work.

    i have collections of saved videos on Katch.me and when i import a collection for the first time, they are all dated on the day i run the job. how can i have them import with the creation date? ongoing, it’s not an issue. it’s only a problem when i import a collection the first time. thanks so much!

    1. Hi, David
      yes, now it’s possible with a wp filter:
      (this example change to 5 characters)
      add_filter(‘wpem_autotags_min_length’, ‘my_tag_len’);
      function my_tag_len($len){
      return 5;


    1. Hi Techsob,
      thanks for your interest
      enclosure and media tags are supported in Professional Addon
      Take a look here, I just updated the post: https://www.wpematico.com/set-images-featured-wpematico/

      The images in that website are protected but you can use Full content with Enclosures or the facebook image to get the featured image.
      I made a test: I’ll send it to your email

  105. Hey there,

    Thanks for your product. Is there any way to enable comments under these articles? I don’t see the option and it is saying that “Comments are closed.” Is there any way to get that going?

    1. Hi Giovanni
      There is an option in the “Options for this campaign” metabox. You must select “Open” but also in WordPress Setting you must allow comments


  106. Hello you have done a five star rated great plugin I wish you the best for future enhancements! I have one question I could not find an answer to, do you have a possibility to spin the text in the custom template with a plugin ? or is it a possible to create this function and filter in the custom template ? thanks aheads !

    1. I’m wondering what do you mean with “spin”. If you want to replace words with other words or phrases you can use the “Rewrite” feature.

  107. Hello, this is what I mean found a way using shortcde in the custom template to do this :

    spintext is a {{beautiful |}{{content |}text |}{spinner|generator}|{wonderful |}{service|tool}} which {allows you to|can} {easily|recursively} {spin|rotate|generate} {text|text content|content}.

    I actually haven’t tried the rewrite tool I didn’t understand how it was going to rewrite so I didn’t check that if you can explain what it does ?

    Thanks ahead.

    1. How did you manage to get this working in the end? what shortcode and in which custom template ? love some help here

  108. Hello,

    First, thanks for this awsome plugin 😉

    I’ve one question about image, it’s possible to RegEx images from rss before cache it?

    Like :

    To :

    Thanks in advance 😉

  109. Hey, guys!

    A very nice plugin! I am playing around with it and I got a strange problem. I dont get the images properly. Actually, in one campaign it worked awesome, and the images were uploaded correctly into wordpress directory. However, I could not repeat this result. So whenever I keep using the plugin, i dont get the images anymore, while everything else works perfect. The checkboxes are set correctly, seemingly. I could not find a reason why would it be so? Any suggestions? I use CloudFare CDN.

  110. I really liked this plugin. I only use it to retrieve RSS from pinterest. How to be taking Rss from other web? I have tried gunakana site.com/feed/ but it did not work.

    Thank you for providing this service and I need help.

  111. Hi! Can I also put the tag in the post template? For now i used the free version. Just started!

  112. I followed your Permalink method by changing the link of the post to the source link and it worked perfectly. Sweet. Thanks for all you do for your community.

  113. Hi,

    Great plugin! But what does the option ‘Avoid search redirection to source permalink.’ do exactly? I don’t seem to understand the wordings of the tooltip.

    Kind regards,


  114. How do I get the plugin to only pull in the featured image once to each post when it aggregates? It is pulling in the featured image, as well as adding it again under the title of the post.

  115. Currently using the free version. I am using this app to fetch content from a blog I own and post it to another of my blogs. The only problem I’m having is the shortcode I use is not copying over – neither is the more tags or images.
    But the shortcode not copying is a big problem – do you have any addons that would make the content copy over exactly as it appears on my original site?

  116. Awesome plugin! but recently stopped working. I am pulling an rss feed nightly, and it was working fine, but just stopped a week ago. I have tested everything and it looks good. Not sure why it is not working. it says “Campaign fetched in 0 sec. Processed Posts: 0 Show detailed Log.” but it doesn’t pull any articles in.

    2017-11-29 15:00.34: Trying to set ignore_user_abort = On: Success – Old value:0.
    2017-11-29 15:00.34: Trying to set max_execution_time = 300: Success – Old value:300.
    2017-11-29 15:00.34: Processing feed http://www.simplifyingthemarket.com/feed/?a=383508-650678af54dc9758812e15c6452be99e.
    2017-11-29 15:00.35: Campaign fetched in 0 sec.

  117. Hi Mike,

    You can create a ticket in etruel and attach the debug file in it, you can find it and download from your WordPress admin, WPeMatico, Settings, System Status tab ->Debug Info.

  118. Hi, I am not sure how to proceed but I discovered a site being powered by wpematico.com that is taking content from my WordPress site and presenting it as their own. The site is https://showhan.net/. My material is copyrighted. I’ve sent an e-mail to the owner of the site, but I’ve received no response. I’ve read information about an escalation process for removing my content. Is there a way wpematico.com can get involved as well?

  119. Suppose i have a few websites blogs from higher rated websites like wikipedia.org , techcrunch.com, orosk.com, blogger.com or other like these
    is it good for this tool in wordpress.

  120. Il récupère bien les flux mais il est tout sauf ce que je veux à cause de de l’option Post title links to source qui remplace tous les liens vers la source.

    1. Hi gul, have you read the help ? inside the campaign editing screen you can see the help tab in the top right corner.
      There is an example on how to do what you need.

  121. Hi, how to automatically insert read more to posts when is imported from feed?

    Also, if I run Star/Activate Campaign Scheduler is that mean that new posts will be auto imported?

    1. Hi Nenad,
      You can use campaign template to insert text before or after the content.
      Yes, you can do some tests to see all working well and then start the campaign to fetch future posts automatically.


  122. Hi, can I setup rss feed display only title, part content and read more button with link to original blog but without post import? Just as link to original.

  123. I use a plugin to make more friendly urls on my language (Greek), but when your plugin import an article the plugin for friendly urls ignored…

  124. [WPeMatico Pro V2.3.4] date of the news = date of the post

    hi when wpematico cron add the post in the blog, the date is the date of the cron job. Is it possible that the date of the post is the date of the news ?

    good job for this plugin

  125. The feed import actually works quite well. However, I have problems with the date. I have “activated use feed date”. In the settings is described that the date may not be too far in the past. I have about 800 news that must be imported, the oldest is from 2017. What should I do to all news importing partly from older data. Is this the correct item ” Mon, 27 July 2017 15:00:00 +0200 “?

    1. Hi john,

      Your question has been answered on etruel.com, through our support system.


      1. Hi Manuel

        Can you please give a hint, how to import a bunch of “old” posts, with the original post date?
        I’m also in the situation, where i have to import several hundred old Posts from different WordPress Blogs, and the “Use current date” also won’t work since its only using the date of when we ran the import…
        For future posts, no problem, since it should run with the cron quite soon after the posts are published. But for the first import, i need a solution to have the old original publish date….

  126. Hi,

    I tested with two different themes, latest WordPress 5.2.1, it doesn’t save any Campaign settings in WPeMatico, although the Settings page gets options saved.

    After I press “Publish” in new campaign with all details correct and feed working, it only saves the campaign, but no inner options get saved so campaign never retrieves anything, and in campaigns list the new campaign stays as “[Campaign Name] – Draft”. What to do?

  127. Hi Bitsell X,

    I recommend you to create a ticket in our support system.

    And please attach the Debug File from the plugin.

    You can find it and download from your WordPress admin, WPeMatico, Settings, System Status tab ->Debug Info

    If you can include the campaigns logs by checking the checkbox field before download the debug file.


  128. How do you get the campaign onto a page to make the feeds visible? Is there a shortcode? I’ve published but can’t figure out how to get it on my website for viewing.

    1. Hi Charles Gentry,

      WPeMatico FREE allows you to publish post (types) automatically from RSS or XML feeds.

      WPeMatico is organized by campaigns. After creating and configuring a campaign by adding the feed you want to use it must run to create the posts. You don’t need to use shortcode.

      Please take a look at this video tutorial which I’m sure will help you.

      P.S: I also answered the ticket you created in our support system, if you have any other questions continue there.

  129. Thank you for replying. I understand the posts being created. Each entry is a single post in my list of Posts. I have watched the video 3 times, still no explanation of how to get the posts (preferably multiple posts) visible on one website page for viewers to view.

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