FAQs at installation

Installation instructions After Paypal process and user registration, go to Download Area Download the last version archive (zip) file. Go to WordPress Back-End (http://yourdomain/wp-admin) and click on Plugins menu on left. You must have installed and […]

wpematico install - WPeMatico

Installation instructions

  1. After Paypal process and user registration, go to Download Area
  2. Download the last version archive (zip) file.
  3. Go to WordPress Back-End (http://yourdomain/wp-admin) and click on Plugins menu on left.
  4. You must have installed and activated WPeMatico free plugin.
  5. On a screen you’ll see find the Add New button on a top and click it.
  6. Under Install Plugins click on Upload link.
  7. Browse a file you downloaded on a first step and click Install Now.
  8. If your system works properly and you have permissions to write files on server, you’ll see the next messages:
    • Unpacking the package…
    • Installing the plugin…
    • Plugin installed successfully.
  9. If plugin installed successfully, just click on Activate Plugin link.

Frequent Asked Questions

I have this plugin installed and activated. What must I do now ?

OK, now you have in woprdpress admin a new area below posts called WPeMatico.
At settings, setup configuration items.
At Campaigns you must add one, in there add one or few feeds with options you choose. You can use a campaign for grouping feeds for a category or another custom topic that you want.

1. What is or Why appear the message Clear campaign on a campaign in campaign list?

This thing about “Clear campaign” occur when the campaign being executed. First time may be normal but If you get “Clear Campaign” too many times is because there are too many feeds on campaign, too many items per fetch or too many campaigns at same time on cron… Also can be because the feed are wrong or down… If the process has an error like PHP timeout or feed too long or source feed is down… or something like that, the campaign is not cleared and the message “Clear campaign” remain until you click on it as an attention call that something is not going well. Also simplepie library used on plugin for get feeds has an article about this: http://simplepie.org/wiki/faq/i_m_getting_memory_leaks Another clarification note http://simplepie.org/wiki/faq/problematic_feeds

2. The campaign is not getting any {content} from the RSS.

May be the feed field are wrong. Although the check with the plugin, is not giving error, you must check the feed link on a feed reader. (Firefox has one inside).

3. Can the PRO version be used on multiple sites?

If you mean with the licence, yes, don’t have any problem.

4. Use Date of feed post is not working for me?

For source date feature take in mind the conditions:
How it works: To avoid incoherent dates due to lousy setup feeds, WPeMatico will use the feed date only if these conditions are met:

  • The feed item date is not too far in the past (specifically, as much time as the campaign frequency).
  • The fetched feed item date is not in the future.

If you click “Run Now”, following times, then appear that not work, but with cron is working well.

5. “Post title links to source” seems to be not working?

This feature works with Permalink() method of WordPress, change the link of the post to source link, but only if the post was added with WPeMatico. If you aren’t using the function “permalink()” on your template, this feature has no effect for you.

6. “How can import a list of feeds into a campaign at once ?

This feature must be enabled on Settings page and works only on PRO version. See this link for more details: https://www.wpematico.com/import-list-feeds-campaign/

7. Is there a way to export the campaigns so i can upload them to a different site?

As campaigns are a WordPress custom post type you can try exporting all of them from WordPress’s export on tools menú ;)