WPeMatico Free core v2.5

Version 2.5 concludes a series of radical changes that we had started since version 2.4 in terms of plugin security. Also following a strict revision to follow the standards of WordPress coding development. Its update is highly recommended but it is also recommended to test it on development servers before moving it to production websites. … Read more

WPeMatico Publish 2 Email

Another excellent plugin which haven’t been saw so much is the addon WPeMatico publish 2 Email. Can you imagine a website taking post from different feeds or websites and sending them as emails to different accounts? WpeMatico publish 2 Email can make this to happen and so much more. It is thinked to take each … Read more

WPeMatico FREE & PRO versions released

Since version 1.2 there have been several releases of WPeMatico FREE & PRO plugins, testing the automatic updates and many other new features that were added to the free version and the Premium. Notable among these are true functions using CURL optionally for obtaining remote files either for full content or images. Testing several alternative … Read more