WPeMatico 1.2 Beta 1 Released!!!

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After some time without major advances in the development of new features or bug fixes, comes the first Beta version of the new release 1.2 of WPeMatico.

The plugin for WordPress that achieves automatic posts from any feed recognized by the SimplePie library also used on WordPress.

This time it changed the way of publication of the plugin. I didn’t uploaded directly to the WordPress repository because many users who are using it and actualize it without test first, probably causes some conflict.

The new version was only tested on a development site and should be tested more exhaustively before drawing the final version. So comes the “Beta Version“:

WPeMatico Free needs Beta Testers for this version in order to continue improving and adding new and better features.

How continues this ? After testing and feedback received by beta testers we proceed to the release of version 1.2 officially from the WordPress repository.

And then the PRO 1.2 version will be launched from a renewed and improved support forums site.

To continue walking towards the mayor version 2.0 which are promising much greater integration with WordPress adding to this more features and better performance.


Beta version is no longer available.  Go to WordPress repository to get free version or to to get PROfessional version.

Several of the new features found in this release are:

  • New Feature: Post Formats to posts of a campaign.
  • New Feature: Quick Edit in campaigns list.
  • New options for SimplePie Filters on Settings. Strip attributtes and other interesting things.
  • New tips help to better layout on Settings and campaign edit pages.
  • New system messages to allow some new notices through plugin actions.
  • Added checked categories in campaign to top of list.
  • Added option to jump and continue fetching a feed when found a duplicate.
  • Added option Pending as status to posts of a campaign.
  • Added control to save data before allow run the Campaign.
  • Added log file to external cron.
  • Improvements to use WordPress core Categories function for metabox instead of custom function.
  • Improvements to check url feeds when sometimes got Error on true feeds.
  • Improvements in ajax funtions checking url feeds.
  • Removed deprecated tools page to import old campaigns of plugin 0.xx versions.
  • Fixed page name for Settings Page to avoid overwrite other setting pages.
  • Fixed saving author selected in campaign.
  • Fixed Quick add campaign in category checked after save.
  • Fixed Reset Campaign also clear last Log.
  • Changed file_get_contents to wp_remote_get that uses multiples methods to get remote images in best way.



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  1. Wpematico Pro Version: 1.1.93 is not publishing videos from rss feeds.

    The videos are generally contained in Iframes in the rss feeds but are not being published to the posts.

    I have changed the settings to allow unfiltered content etc and nothing has worked.

    Is there a quick fix to this problem or should I consider using a different plugin?

    1. I tested the videos on new version 1.2 on feed content and also on PRO version with full content feature and is working well.


  2. Good afternoon. I decided to put a new version of the plugin. Deactivate PRO version WPeMatico. Download and update files. I went into the settings. Everything is in place. Activated PRO version, the settings from the panel lost all!
    Again Deactivate PRO version – setting WPeMatico appear.
    Then he and the site stopped working. Who restores all files.
    Is there a detailed manual on installation, or I missed something?

      1. Good day. Thank you, take care with the installation. Only no where stated that the new version WPeMatico PRO is on OK.
        New question. I was all set. All activated. Checked the settings. Everything is in place. At 23.00 start the job WPeMatico. In the morning I checked, there are new articles. Opened the article, and there are also pictures or what not!
        Only photo, the text within the article was not
        WPeMatico PRO only took pictures! Tell me, what could it be? Thank you. Boris. Moscow

        1. now tried launched the parsing of a single article. Everything went fine. Image and text in place. It is not clear what happened yesterday.

      2. Launched all the campaigns manually. The text in place. Picture-in-article – 2 pieces. Remove the 2nd picture manually.

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