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Automatically create posts from the RSS/Atom feeds you choose, which are organized into campaigns inside your WP.

Options organized into campaigns.
Unlimited Campaigns, Unlimited Feeds, Online Helps and Campaign Control Panel
Interface similar to WordPress
An interface similar to WordPress but improved, organized by features with different colors to distinguish one from another
External and WordPress cron jobs
For maximum performance, you can make the RSS fetching process be called by a Unix or external cron job, or simply let WordPress handle it.
Multiple filters/categories/tags
Images, Videos and Audios uploads, Words rewrites and relinks, post templates, Words to categories and much more.
PRO + Better Excerpts + Feed Creator
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35% OFF

Includes the most wanted extensions to make autoblog from all 'non-ajaxified' websites with or without their own feeds.

This add-on contains a large variety of advanced functions and a lot of new features to parse and filter feed items contents.
Full Content
Takes the title of every feed item and scratches its web page to find the full content with option to search for multi-page articles.
Better Excerpts
Makes excerpts with first post content sentence and other filters. Sets nice and better excerpts in front-end and also in feed contents.
Make Me Feed Good
Create your custom feeds RSS 2.0 with content from external webs in your site, regardless of whether or not those have their own feed.
All WPeMatico Extensions
Starting at
40% OFF

This package contains all features for WPeMatico of the current addons and the new ones that will be added in the future.

WPeMatico Cache
Optimizes the websites speed thanks to processes and technologies that reduces the overload of the websites where it is installed.
Lets you translate the posts obtained from remote feeds before inserting them in your WordPress blog, can support 107 languages.
Facebook Fetcher
Allows publish Facebook content. Import from all pages/groups as you want, just adding one WPeMatico campaign per facebook page/group.
And much more add-ons...
  • Professional
  • Full Content
  • Better Excerpts
  • Make Me Feed Good
  • Publish 2 Email
  • Thumbnail Scratcher
  • Categories 2 Tags
  • WPeMatico SMTP

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