WPeMatico to Create a Free WordPress AutoBlog

vid - WPeMatico

I found this video few days ago on site Eli the Computer Guy.

I’m very pleased how he explain and shows about WPeMatico usage.

You can see the video tutorial here or in his site linked above (follow the link and search there.

Also on youtube on High Quality!

Use WPeMatico to Create a Free WordPress AutoBlog for Legitimate Purposes



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  1. I got this message when I used it
     [WARNING] rmdir(/home3/zferrell/public_html/freesamples/wp-content/cache/supercache/ []: No such file or directory
    Do you know what that means?

    1. It means that the command rmdir (Remove Directory) could not execute because the directory mentioned does not exist. check your spelling this part: 
      Does not look correct. I’m sure that is the problem.

  2. Hello Sir

    Thanks for your plugin. It is great and I am using the free version. I want to publish each feed on a single post or page, but get these problems:

    – the plugin does not allow me to link content to any specific page. When I clicked post to page, it published at the head section of the blog

    – posts are published on individual blocks and I do not want this – prefer to have a single block of content which can be updated whenever the feed is updated

    Is there a solution? Thanks

    Mercedes Moss

  3. Hi there,
    I am using Wpematico for auto RSS updates, it’s free version as trial then I am interested to buy something. Anyways I would like to know that ‘is there any option to show the pictures in posts?’
    Please ley me know if it is possible in free version!

    1. With free version you get the feed content. If images are in feed content, then you can get every image in your post contents and also save as Featured image.

  4. Please i need you to explain in detail what will happen if i copy a Rss link from another site i prefer, install the plugin and activate it. Is it going to publish the news post from the site i copied the Rss link from on my site automatically?

    1. Hi Phil,
      you must install and activate the plugin, set up on WPeMatico Settings page and then create a campaign with the feed URL and other options to publish automatically in your blog.

      Hope this help 😉

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