Error when loading Settings page

It sounds like cURL is not activated in your hosting. Can you see writing below the WPeMatico section in your WP Settings? Try checking the box for “Hide Reviews on Settings”.    

Jump duplicate posts

The name of the option in the Settings is “Continue fetching if found duplicated items”. (This was previously named Jump Duplicates). Keep in mind that the campaign works with the items in the order they are found in the feed. If a duplicate item is found, that means that all the following items were already … Read more

How to set the featured image?

Try this in your WPeMatico Settings. Remember: the feed must have images in its content. There is a post with more detailed instructions here:  

Some tips to get better performance

Feeds: If you want to create many campaigns, I recommend just one or two feeds per campaign. You can test each campaign to see its behavior and the time that it takes to execute it. For the Campaign Options metabox: Try to use a minimal value in Max items to create on each fetch field … Read more

How to get content from Google News feed?

The WPeMatico free version works with these feed contents like any other feed. Google News or Google Alerts are special feeds because they show articles from many different websites. Google News works with many websites at a time, getting the contents from them to make their feeds, and each site is different.   The Professional … Read more