How to install and update WPeMatico or Fakturo add-ons?

Installing the Free Version of WPeMatico It’s just like any plugin in WordPress. You can follow the steps on the plugin Installation page. After installing and learning how to use it, you can run some tests. WPeMatico core has a lot of free features that you should give a try before you buy an add-on. … Read more

WPeMatico Professional & XML Campaign Type

WPeMatico Addons extras for XML Campaign Type The PRO version of WPeMatico and its addons work perfectly with this new feature and also add some extra functionalities. You can make a lot of combinations between all the features to get the results you need. Remember that WPeMatico PRO version includes the Professional addons and Full … Read more

WPeMatico Full Content & XML Campaign Type

WPeMatico Full Content addon The Full Content addon will allow you to get the content directly from the sourcesite through the article permalink; it is important to have set the Post Permalink property in the XML Campaign Type for it to work. If the XML feed does not include the permalink you will not be … Read more