Post Title Links to Source isn’t working?

This feature works with WordPress’ Permalink() method. It changes the link of the post to the link of the source website, but only if the post was added with WPeMatico. Note: “Read more” links are also changed because they work with the same permalink() function. If you aren’t using the function “permalink()” in your theme … Read more

Use Date of Feed Post isn’t working?

To use the source date feature, keep in mind the required conditions. How it works: To avoid incoherent dates due to poorly set up feeds, WPeMatico will use the feed date only if these conditions are met: The feed item date is not too far in the past, specifically, as much time as the campaign frequency. … Read more

How can I change the text “Auto added by WPeMatico” in new categories?

You can replace the text with a custom filter in your functions.php file, such as the example below: add_filter(‘wpematico_addcat_description’, “My_function_name”); function My_function_name($catdescription, $catname){ $catdescription= “My NEW COOL DESCRIPTION”; return $catdescription; }  

How to link the post title to the source permalink?

In the campaign editor, you will find the section “Options for this campaign”. Check the option “Post title links to source”. This will make it so that all permalinks in the index and archive pages go to the original webpage instead of entering the single page of the post. If you are having problems with … Read more