WPeMatico 1.1 released!

Finally I publish versions 1.1 of both plugins WPeMatico FREE & PRO. They must run together!
After many days of tests; I have to thanks to all people that were testing and using this new versions.

You can use free version with GNU license as you want.

As always I’m not responsible for the use and how you use this plugin, and also I don’t give any garanty about its functionallity.

The plugin works well on almost all servers, but can be custom configurations or some type of feeds that not works.  For this you can try free version before buy PRO 😉


I will be waiting for the comments and feedback from users about this version and also you can donate for a better free release. Thanks.

Please test it and comment here if you find something wrong.
WPeMatico 1.1 Download (from wordpress repository)



= Version 1.1 =

* Added tags list to assign to posts in every campaign.
* Added Feed date feature to use the datetime of source post.
* Added {image} tag to post template for show featured image url into post content.
* Added New option for strip links from post content.
* Added also to general Settings no link external images.
* Fixed resets some fields when save campaign.
* Fixed The RegEx stripslashes in “Word to Category” and “rewriting options”.
* Some fixes related with images and images urls on media library.
* Added Spanish language File.
* [PRO] * Added Custom fields feature for fetched posts with values generated by template fields.
* Added Auto generate tags, getting tags from post content.
* Added images on enclosure media tags on feeds.
* Fix an issue on Add feed image to full-content on PRO Version.
* Default Featured image if not found image on content. Link or Upload new image from campaign.
* Added strip HTML filter also to feed content as full-content.
* [/PRO]



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  1. Wpematico posts do not have tags when posted:

    I believe the problem started on 10/13/12. The problem is tags do not appear in the post when the post is generated automatically with Wpematico
    I tried with Auto-tag and Tag-Pig PLUGIN and the tags have stopped appering on the posts with both plugins around 10/13.
    Wpematico plugin version 1.1.1
    Auto-Tag version 0.5.1
    Wordpress version 3.4.2
    To get to tags to show up we have to resave the posts
    Looks like a new wpematico was released around 10/13 which caused the problem

      1. Hi, I just installed the Web Ninja Auto Tagging plugin (disabled the other tagging plugins) and I see the same problem behaviour:  When the posts are created by wpematico they do not show up. If I open a post and save it, the tags get populated. Thanks

  2. Is there any way to do like a roundup with this? I mean so that it does not have single posts but more like 10 items in one post?
    Thank you! 

  3. I must be doing something wrong.  I thought that feeds would open as posts in my website.  But clicking a link takes it to the source website.  Now I would prefer it to open in my website, it would seem that it is an option since we can publish as posts and save images. What option must I click to publish each feed post as a post of my own?  

    Or if that is not possible, what do I need to do to have it open in a new tab/window?

    1. Hi, You must uncheck the option

      This option make the title permalink to original URL. 

    1. Hi, thanks for the update.
      May be on next release, but will be not ready for a while… but you can try: download simplepie 1.3.1 and put the file on \app\lib\ on wpematico’s plugin directory (the name must be equal for get work)
      (remember on Settings, force use of custom lib)

  4. HI EVERYONE… installed the 1.1 today.  The WP E MATICO (Free Version) has been running on our servers for several months… we have multiple blogs running on same server/network… we I attempt to run the new install I get:
    Fatal error: Call to undefined method NoNStatic::protags() in/home/risblog/domains/ line 506
    Any ideas?

    1. Hi! to fix error, try deleting both plugins FROM FTP (not from WP or you loose your campaigns).  
      go to plugins page on your WP and install again FREE Plugin 1.1.1 
      Activate it
      then for PRO follow the Installation instruction on

      Hope this help

  5. Just updated the WPeMatico plugin to Version 1.1.2 yesterday or the day before.
    Now, the Rewrite Options stopped working even though the rewrite “origin” and “Rewrite to” fields were unchanged.
    Before, it would strip out <b> and </b> tags for me. Now it doesn’t.
    I tried opening each Campaign and saving it again, just in case it needed that.  Didn’t help.

    1. Me again. Still trying to prevent “&lt;/b&gt;” and the like from showing in the post’s title.
      Before I had “<b>” and “</b>” and “See all stories on this topic »” in 3 separate listings under Rewrite Options, where the Rewrite to value was left blank.  After they stopped working, I tried one listing for all three:  (<b>|</b>|See all stories on this topic »)
      And yes, I checked “RegEx” for that entry.
      I’m using Google Alerts RSS feeds, BTW. Like this one:
      What am I doing wrong?

  6. Hi, Jesse

    I’m still searching about this.  I’ll try to fix in next version.  I think that may be something about POSIX or GREP regex.

  7. Just purchased pro version and having a problem installing. Free version is installed and tried to upload via add plugin upload but didnt work. Then dragged file from desktop into plugin folder via FTP and pro features are still disabled. Tried moving pro plugin folder into wpematico and that didnt work either. Please advise.

    1. Hi! try deleting both plugins FROM FTP (not from WP or you loose your campaigns).  
      go to plugins page on your WP and install again FREE Plugin
      Activate it
      then for PRO follow the Installation instruction on

      Hope this help

  8. Hi,
    I have the free version of WPeMatico and i wish to get the pro version. I just want to know if in the pro version i can get the full content of the rss feed and only the excerpt that some sites have. Thank you.

    1. On pro version in every campaign you can select rss content or follow the link for get full content. (this works on almost all sites)

      enjoy 😉

      1. Great! Thank you for the quick response, its very important to have good support!And you are speedlight! 🙂
        I want to ask you another think. You see the images in the featured images are really small and nothing happened when i changed the size in thubnail. Is this because of the free version or i do something wrong? Thank you in advance.

  9. The plugin take the images on content and mark as featured first image. The size depends of source site. 

  10. I installed PRO version according to instructions but am getting the following error msg:
    Fatal error: Call to undefined method NoNStatic::protags() in wp-content/plugins/wpematico/app/campaign_edit_functions.phpon line 514

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