2.7 Major Version Jun 3, 2024

2.7 Major Version focuses on code improvements and documentations follow the standards of WordPress coding developments.
Recommended update it on testing environments before update on production websites.


  • New WPeMatico Canonicals feature on Settings Page. Activated by default
  • New improved batch method to optimize performance on fetching processes.
  • New improved method to check and show broken campaigns on the campaigns List.
  • New Page Tools to group features useful for WPeMatico.
  • New feature to avoid or include Shorts on YouTube Campaign types.
  • New feature to export / import all the WPeMatico Settings.
  • New popup to see the last log after run the campaign.
  • New improvements in duplicate posts control by refining the hash codes.
  • A new improved Changelog on About page.
  • A new dismissable banner to show the last changelog on Settings page.
  • Some minor cosmetic improvements.
  • Updated javascript vSort library to 1.2.2
  • Changed all ini_set to custom function to allow log all the values.
  • Added SimplePie version to System Status Page.
  • Many code improvements and commented functions.


  • Fixes on getting bad source permalink on some cases by empty feed tags.
  • Fixes some malformed values saved on Copy Campaign Quick Action.
  • Fixes some issues and warnings on Campaigns List page.
  • Fixes some warnings and minor bugs on Preview campaign.
  • Fixes set_time_limit() ERROR on websites with function disabled.
  • Fixes many deprecated messages on jQuery functions calls.

Recent (may break) changes:

  • Removed the custom Simplepie library of the Settings and the plugin (finally).
  • New improved method to manage hashes of campaigns and permalinks on duplicated posts control.
  • New ‘wpematico_custom_simplepie’ filter to correct an old incorrect behavior on ‘Wpematico_process_fetching’.
  • The titles feature was improved to use a new added filter.
  • On plugin update will be queued a process to upgrade each campaign to the newly way on hash creation to control post duplicates.
  • NOTE: Enlarges the version required for the Professional addon to 2.20

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