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WPeMatico Custom Hooks allows you to execute PHP actions and filters right from your WordPress admin panel in order to create custom behaviors in your campaigns.

Why should you use WPeMatico Custom Hooks addon?

This addon allows you to add the actions and filters that WPeMatico possesses in order to make personalized changes in the campaigns you execute or actions that require a specific change in behavior.

WPeMatico Custom Hooks is an addon of the main WPeMatico plugin that allows you to execute actions and filters provided by WPeMatico in order to create custom behavior in the execution of your campaigns, right from your WordPress admin panel. It’s very interesting because it will let you see the functionalities of this powerful autoblogging plugin in greater depth, as well as its extensions on the development level.

Hooks updates from WPeMatico Core
Get a list of all the hooks available in WPeMatico so you can use them when you need them.
Integration of Hooks
Expands the list of the hooks you can use when you install an active WPeMatico extension, allowing to get the available hooks of each addon in order to use them if needed.
Help templates with functions
Includes a wide variety of help templates with the function for each filter or action that will be activated during the execution of the campaign.
Elegant code editor
Contains an elegant and convenient code editor with code highlighter ideal for programmers.
Syntax error check
It also has a syntax error checker that allows to validate the function code before saving it to avoid errors that can damage your site.

The WPeMatico Custom Hooks addon is fully compatible with the other WPeMatico addons.

All features are working on almost all servers. Try with WPeMatico FREE Version.

  • PHP 5.6+
  • WordPress.
  • WPeMatico FREE installed and activated.

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