How to use Publish 2 Email

This tutorial describes and explains how to use the Publish 2 Email addon, available here. Publish 2 Email allows to use WPeMatico from a WordPress website to send the read posts from each campaign to an email account. Set a Default Sender and Recipient Email   You can set a default sender email address that … Read more

How to set up responsive on WordPress with YouTube or other embedded videos

WordPress with responsive embedded videos We are being asked several times about the problem of responsive embedded videos in WordPress.  In this tutorial we’ll try to explain how to solve it easily and quickly. 1st method By adding a filter and the styles separately. The goal is to add a parent element that contains the … Read more

How to disable the sharing feature of WPeMatico with Jetpack?

A kind user shared with us this information. Take a look at this if you want to prevent posts that are fetched via WPeMatico to be published on social media with the build-in sharing via Jetpack. When WPeMatico fetches a post it triggers to share the post on all public social media links. This is … Read more

Sync problems or duplicated contents

The problem is most likely related to caching. Some users report duplicate content appearing on their sites. Or they see new content on the source site but fail to insert that content into their site and the campaign does not recognize the new articles. Upon investigation, we soon see that the problem is emerging from … Read more