How To use Manual Fetching

Use the Manual Fetching to fetch the posts you decide! In this tutorial we slightly explain how to use the Manual Fetching add-on, available here. Preview Feed You can see the list and the status of the posts: Published, Next Fetch, or Unpublished. The number of posts that will be extracted on the next fetch … Read more

Statuses for Free and Professional addon

A select with the available statuses for the posts is displayed in WPeMatico Free. Unlike previous versions of 2.3.8, this includes the statuses created ‘for posts’ by custom functions. Either they come from some user function or from some plugin or theme. For users with the Professional extension there is a very interesting new feature. … Read more

Does the plugin work well on multisite ?

We have not tested the plugin on multisite so we can not guarantee the proper operation. However, several of our customers did, and by testing the free version you can know if it works well.

How can I send the posts to the social media networks ?

There are several free plugins that allow you to do that. Try search for the following plugins at WordPress Repository: Blog2Social: Social Media Auto Post & Scheduler NextScripts: Social Networks Auto-Poster Microblog Poster

How to see from which campaigns generated each post?

In Posts list screen There is an option in the Settings screen that allows you to see the ID of the campaign that generated each post. It displays the campaign title on mouse over and opens the campaign for editing if clicked on. To display a column of campaigns in the lists of posts (type) … Read more