WPeMatico FREE & PRO versions released

Since version 1.2 there have been several releases of WPeMatico FREE & PRO plugins, testing the automatic updates and many other new features that were added to the free version and the Premium.

Notable among these are true functions using CURL optionally for obtaining remote files either for full content or images. Testing several alternative methods if any fails.
Better treatment of image names in repeated files is also achieved.
The title links to the source site was broken with new filters added in the last WordPress theme and this was also solved.
Also solve some fields with regular expressions were saved wrong.
Custom filters are added to extend the capabilities of the plugin. So you can modify the file extensions allowed, the names of the images obtained, as well as the fields before inserting the post. (There is an example at the end of this post to remove HTML tags from the titles of the posts.)

Password encryption is added to the Settings page in the case of sending emails using SMTP. But because of this many servers began to treat this file as a hack attempt and erased the file settings_page.php

This was very frustrating as looking plugin security, this file was treated as infectious and deleted without notice in many cases.
To solve this new functions were created to encrypt and decrypt the password. Thus removing false positives given by the antivirus.

In this latest version white screen that was obtained in the Settings page, in smaller versions of PHP 5.4 is solved. This error was taken for a PHP function used in the page that started in the PHP version 5.4 and then was replaced by a custom function.



In the wordpress support forums they were asked to remove HTML tags that bring the titles of some feed.

This feature is included in the PRO version, and you can select the option within each campaign. But you can also do with a specific function for new filters added, as follows:

Functions.php file in your wordpress theme, add the following code:

add_filter('wpem_parse_title',  'strip_tags_title',10,1 );
function strip_tags_title($title) {
	$title = strip_tags( htmlspecialchars_decode($title, ENT_QUOTES) );
	return $title;

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  1. Pls can i buy wp matico for a year at the rate of 15 dollars… Please I am a begginer and I really need this plugin.. It is the most useful plugin for people like me… Please Help me.

  2. Pls can i buy wp matico pro for a year at the rate of 15 dollars… Please I am a begginer and I really need this plugin.. It is the most useful plugin for people like me… Please Help me.

  3. Hi,
    I need to buy the pro version. I have a network of 47 websites.
    Please contact me with my email id I have mentioned here


  4. I want to link just credit but remaining links want to remove except twitter links. Is that possible with this paid plugin? second, I also want to remove Original website title name from the title.

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